When Affiliate Marketing Meets Network Marketing

Introducing CB Passive Income: An Honest Review If you have read anything else on this blog, you will know that I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried myself. And if you’ve tried Googling “CB Passive Income review” you will have already found the reviews that aren’t completely honest. This is an honest review, yes […]

Postloop Review

Postloop is a great new concept. You earn points for posting in forums which you can then either cash in via PayPal or use to get people to post on your new forum or blog, or you can buy Facebook likes for your fanpage. It’s a great way to start earning from the internet at home (although you have to provide 10 […]

Get Paid to review Music

Slice The Pie pay you every time you listen to a piece of new music. Reviewers are called scouts. You can earn bonus payments for listening to anonymous tracks that come from Slice The Pie’s sister site soundout.com.  You must listen for at least 90 seconds before you can write your review, but the track keeps playing while you are […]

Bingo Chat Host

Bingo Chat Moderator/Host What is a chat host? Chat managers/hosts/moderators are the helpful people in the online bingo chat room who make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone enjoys their games of bingo. if you have a bright, bubbly personality and enjoy online Bingo, you could consider becoming a chat moderator. You need to […]

Direct Sales

Single level marketing, company representative, party planner – many names, one meaning – You sell a company’s products! Avon, Betterware, Kleeneze and Ann Summers are companies that easily spring to mind, but these days you can sell just about anything on a commission basis. Most direct sales companies will require an initial investment. In return […]

The Best Online Services for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

The web is a huge resource of information, of tools, of services and of like-minded people who all want to help you become a success. For any small business or entrepreneur it is an absolutely invaluable resource and so much so in fact that many business models that exist today simply couldn’t have before the […]

Smart Ways to Use Your Blog to Break Into Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to make money online; everyone knows that. But this avenue of work intimidates many people, believing that they need to have extensive experience in writing to break into the field. The truth is, if you have a blog, you have a chance to make some money by writing online. […]


If you have a decent digital camera (camera phone probably won’t cut it) and a good eye for a nice photograph, you could earn quite a lot of money from selling your work online. You can make money selling simple, everyday photos; but probably best to stick with landscapes and micro work at first because portraits require […]

Virtual Assistant

Successful business owners, web masters and Internet marketers often just don’t have the time for all the mundane yet essential work required to keep a business or website thriving. You can hire yourself out as a virtual assistant either freelancing (register at any freelance website, or search the business forums, they usually have a services […]

Get Paid to upload your Original Videos

Do you have any hilarious, unusual or inspiring videos hanging around doing nothing? You could get paid up to $600 per video by www.break.com. All they ask is that the uploaded content does not contain any adult, dangerous, copyrighted or illegal material. The content must be your own and original (no YouTube videos). They pay via […]

Cloud Crowd

Cloud Crowd is a micro jobs site, you can pick and choose which tasks are most suited to your abilities. Cloud Crowd stands out from other micro working sites in the fact that you are paid daily, if your completed work has been approved by 5pm you will be paid for it the next day […]

Making Money Online as a Transcriptionist: Is it Right For You?

It can often be difficult to sift through potential online moneymaking opportunities and differentiate the legitimate ones from work that’s either not worth your time and effort, or an outright scam. In many cases, working as a transcriptionist can give you consistent income, but it’s usually not the best option for making a substantial amount […]

Breaking into Freelancing: Do You Have What It Takes?

Freelancing seems like an enticing job option and the perfect alternative to a traditional job in an office setting. However, like every type of job, freelancing, too, comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks. Before you decide to become a freelancer, be sure to consider the following factors. Choosing Your Own Hours . . […]

Being An Entrepreneur In San Francisco – 4 Important Business Launch Tips

If you have just moved to San Francisco, you are very likely wondering the best business to start. Like any major city in the country, you are likely to come across many people who like you are looking for new business ventures. People move to the city from all over the country and the world […]

Making it work for you when working from home

More and more people are working from home in the UK. Some of these are working remotely for larger companies but many are freelancers or those running a small company from their own home. It is difficult to get an accurate assessment of just how many now work from home but you can begin to […]

A Rare Opportunity is Knocking..

Will you answer it? Just a quick post for any of you out there still asking is it possible to make money online? Are there any legitimate opportunities out there? How do I avoid getting ripped off? What’s a good niche? Can I make money with a website? etc, etc! Chris Guthrie (make money on the […]

Earn Extra cash For Christmas

  If, like many families this Christmas you are feeling the pinch and having to tighten your belts when it comes to spending on extra treats how would upwards of an extra $1000 to spend sound? Even with only six weeks or so left to go, this target is not impossible! Here are a few […]