$100 for your list?!

checklistOk, this is going to be a super short post, so don’t make yourself too comfy!

Head over to Listverse and read the instructions, there aren’t many – you basically just need to make a list up about anything with a minimum of ten items and 1000 words.

Submit your list for review and if they like it you get $100 into your PayPal account! True, apparently.

I’m not sure how many $100’s they’re going to be able to pay out, so in the interest of your pocket it’s probably best to get in quick 🙂

There’s also an extra $100 up for grabs if your list makes the top 5.

Oh and if that’s not quite enough, you even get to add a link of your choosing to the end of the post!

Whatcha waitin’ for?? Go make a list! make a list of your lists!

**Important Update**

Before I committed to writing an epic 1000 word article (well actually I was going to post a job on Odesk, but ssshh on that one), I had a more thorough read of the T&C on the Listverse site. Once you click submit on your awesome list and send it, you are giving up all rights to your article, whether it is accepted for payment or not!!

Unless you are prepared to lose your article forever on the chance that you “might get paid”, I would suggest emailing your ideas to them first, as it states you may do on the write for us page. I have done this and heard nothing back so far, I won’t be taking the chance with this one!


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