101 Ways To Make Money Online – FREE!

101101 ways to Make Money Online


Following on from our A-Z of money making ideas, here’s the promised 101 ways to make money online! We’re well on the way to the 1001 ways to make money online Epic Post!

The topics listed below either have, or soon will be covered more in-depth on the blog, but do have a glance over and see what appeals or may work for you, it should at least give you a good starting point to go from.

All of the money making methods listed below can be started totally 100% free, by an average internet user, and with no technical knowledge. Stop putting it off and start earning today!

We have come up with a few interesting new ideas to make money online, alongside the tried and tested traditional money making methods, so whether you’re out to make a few quick bucks, a steady part-time income, a full-time Home Business, or an Online Multi Million Dollar Empire…you gotta start somewhere!

And Remember – You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be Great!



  1. Write articles – Elance, Odesk, Associated content
  2. Teach / Tutor – Tutor.com
  3. Network Marketing – SFI Affiliates
  4. Become a customer services rep – Skyes
  5. Be a virtual assistant – look in money making forums, or go with Elance
  6. Play poker
  7. Play mmprg games – Second life, Eve Online, Runescape – Work hard then sell your max level account, or sell your virtual currency for real currency!
  8. Play bingo
  9. become a bingo chat host – cmoftheyear.com
  10. Join gpt sites – swagbucks, jokeroo.com
  11. Join ptc sites – ptc investigates
  12. Refer friends to your get paid sites – not forgetting to make more money by spamming your friends with your referral links, add your links to refer-o-matic and datsoup.com
  13. Take surveys – my survey, toluna
  14. Receive emails –  inbox pounds, mailpay
  15. Test websites – Usertesting
  16. Affiliate marketing – clickbank, affiliate window, cj.com
  17. Blogging – wordpress, blogger
  18. Upload videos
  19. Get your friends to click Facebook Links
  20. Article Brokering – buy low on mturks, in forums or on fiverr – sell high on Daily Article
  21. Set up a store
  22. Publish a kindle book with Amazon or Smashwords
  23. Upload stock photos
  24. Read tarot
  25. Answer text questions – Internet businesses such as 63336 (formerly known as AQA)   are  occasionally on the lookout for researchers. a customer searches for the answer to any random question by sending a text to researchers (you) who reply with the answer
  26. Answer web questions
  27. Review products you own – Dooyoo.co.uk
  28. Set up a review website
  29. Email marketing
  30. Fiverr gigs
  31. Take part in adult webcam chatrooms
  32. Adult chat/text services
  33. Life coaching
  34. Complete offers on cashback sites
  35. Become a direct sales rep
  36. Post in forums/blogs
  37. Sell your own ebook
  38. Gift baskets
  39. Jewellery design
  40. Matched betting – Become the bookie! Ever seen a poor one?
  41. Buy & sell old gold
  42. Business consultancy
  43. Real estate brokering
  44. Resume writing
  45. Personal training/nutrition advice
  46. Translations services
  47. Sell art
  48. Design t-shirts on Threadless
  49. Travel consultancy
  50. Make perfumes/soaps/incense/candles
  51. Online book store
  52. Make greeting cards
  53. Copy write for greeting cards
  54. Doggy bakery
  55. Animal behaviour consultancy
  56. Personal organizer/pa
  57. Telesales
  58. Interior design
  59. Home staging
  60. Mobile phone recycling
  61. Dropshipping
  62. Sell on eBay
  63. Sell on Amazon Marketplace
  64. Business brokering
  65. Write a novel on your phone –http://www.textnovel.com
  66. Curation
  67. Transcription services
  68. Data entry
  69. Ad assessor
  70. Membership website
  71. Spyware & virus removal advice
  72. Tweet for money – sponsoredtweets, paidpertweet, twivert, twitpub
  73. Sell websites – flippa
  74. Sell domain names
  75. Park Domains
  76. Chat -Birejji, Intichat
  77. Sell ideas – ThinkGeek.com pays you $250 in if they decide to use your suggestion.
  78. Name companies – Picky Domains
  79. Surf – surfbounty
  80. Sponsored reviews on your blog – sponsoredreviews.com
  81. Panhandling
  82. Write travel reviews – trivago
  83. Become an about guide – about.com
  84. Upload files – easyshare.com, cash.uploading.com, depositfiles.com, ziddu.com, docstoc.com,
  85. Socialise – mylot.com, gather.com, mypage5.com, apsense.com
  86. SEO services
  87. Get Paid to enter your favourite stores with Quidco.co.uk
  88. Copywriting
  89. Ghostwriting
  90. Rate music – slicethepie.com
  91. Write how to guides – ehow.com
  92. Youtube partners
  93. Microwork – mturks.com
  94. Design facebook covers & website banners
  95. Help with homework – studentoffortune
  96. Answer tech questions – expertbee.com
  97. Enter competitions or paid contests
  98. Make photo books – photobox,http://www.bobbooks.co.uk/
  99. Solve company problems -At InnoCentive, companies post challenges offering big money for the best solutions, though they’re often quite technical. A typical example: £10,000 for a proposal on how to navigate the inside of an egg without damaging it. Also worth a look is Idea Connection – top paying problems can award up to about £600,000 if you come up with a unique and brilliant idea.
  100. Ad Writing – BoostCTR.com
  101. Watch Videos – Viggle.com, Jingit, Varolo

Not all Online Money Making Methods are a scam! Making money online can be done – and what’s more it’s easy and simple, but you won’t have it handed to you on a silver platter, you have to go get it!



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