Scams to avoid

A lot of the more obvious scams are avoidable with a bit of common sense – If something seems to good to be true – IT IS!

For instance, you cannot win a lotto if you haven’t bought a ticket.

Nobody has died and left you $10,000,000 in a holding account.

There is not a Nigierian businessman needing you to hold $4gazillion in your bank account for him!

I know I am stating the obvious here but never give your credit card or banking details via email. Do not click on any links asking you to verify your paypal or bank account! When buying goods over the internet use trusted sources, or paypal where possible, or at the very least ensure the URL begins with https://

I will post up scams as and when I come across them, but for every 1 that I find, there will be a 1000 more waiting in the wings to take it’s place.

You should never have to pay someone to work for them!

Finally, earning money from home is not easy, and can be a long boring process – do not get sucked into get rich quick marketing!

1. a stratagem for gain; a swindle
vb , scams , scamming , scammed
2. ( tr ) to swindle (someone) by means of a trick

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