5000 Free Targeted Visitors to your Blog!

green traffic lightGet hit by Google? (like me!)

New Blog?

Or just simply need a break from trying to generate traffic instead of concentrating on your blog?

trafficIn my recent quest to find traffic sources from anywhere else but God Google, I happened upon an interesting thread on one of my favourite forums selling targeted traffic at reasonable prices. The thread had 59 pages of positive feedback, so I toddled off to check it out.

The website advertised is and at $11.99 for 10,000 visitors from either UK or USA (or 25,000 unique worldwide visitors for $24.99) I thought I might give it a tryout.

You get to choose not only the country of your traffic, but also the niche and time-frame in which to receive them, spread out anywhere over 1 to 60 days.

That’s when I saw the little badge at the top offering the free trial – The offer consists of a package of 5000 USA visitors.

traffic5000 Free Visitors – What’s the catch?

Ok you got me, it’s not without a little bit of work:

Write an article of the length of your choice about our website, anywhere on your website or blog. You can either write a single post about our service, or include us into an article which deals about a related subject (SEO, website promotion, etc…). If you don’t wish to write an article, please simply include a link back to on your website or blog (Pagerank 1 or above only).

I can live with that:)

As always, I will update with the results of both the paid traffic and the free trial, good or bad.

Check out  for yourself and let me know how you get on. Don’t worry there is no affiliate link and I won’t be rewarded for any referrals!





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