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6 Ways to Spot a MLM Scam


network marketing pyramid schemeThe internet these days has been used by many people mainly to earn money.

Certainly, there are so many ways to earn online.  The internet has almost all kinds of legitimate jobs for people from all walks of life.

In fact, you can even choose to apply to several companies depending on the skills and talents that you have. You just have to be wary about those companies claiming to give enormous salaries and bonuses such as certain MLM companies.  If you happen to come across an MLM site, check the following tips to avoid being a victim of a scam:

BBB Rating

This is one of the most important things that you need to check before working for any company.  Do not just ask if they are an accredited company of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  Ask about their rating.  If their rating is higher than B, then you are lucky to get the chance to work with a legitimate company.

Bad Reviews

You can also try to check out the company name on Google.  Read the reviews about the website.  Although it is true that every company may receive a bad comment from different people but, read carefully these bad comments.  If you sense some negative vibes while reading these comments, be wary.

Work Instructions

If you think that the instructions are easy enough for you to do, then you may think about considering it.  Try to see if the kind of work they offer is indeed something sensible and practicable for you. If it is,  then chances are you have found a legitimate work.

Real People

Try to browse the website and look for names of people who claim to have been working in that company.  Look for those names of employees and try to find ways to communicate with them.  Ask about their views and experiences about the company. This way, you will have a better grasp on how the company operates and how their admin/department heads treat their employees.

Hefty Salary

One of the most common tricks that MLM scam uses is the attractive paying rate they offer.  They would trick people to believing that they can have huge salaries within a short span of time just by doing very easy job.  If you have stumbled on the same kind of site, stay away from it.

Established Company

Another thing that you should check is the number of years that the company has been around.  If they claim to have started ten years ago then chances are the company is indeed legitimate.  However, you should not believe such claim right away.  Google the company and check if the year they said they established/founded is true.

Always remember that the internet has plenty of opportunities for you to explore.  This goes to say that you should not risk yourself of signing up or joining any MLM company without first checking if the company is for real. Be cautious, be very cautious.

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