80% Commissions for Talented Writers!

Introducing Blog Munchies



Blog Munchies is a brand new article store and Blog Management company.

To encourage new writers to submit articles for the store they are offering (for a limited time) 80% commission on articles sold by authors who have five or more articles for sale. The 80% on offer will be for life, but only for the next 3 months, at which time the rate will drop to 70%; which is still a great rate considering Constant Content offer 65% and Content Row offer 50%.

How Much Will You Earn?

How much you earn really depends on you! Store articles sell for between $15 and $60 depending on quality, topic and word count.

Of course there is no guarantee that your article will sell at all. Blog Munchies allow you to retain the rights to your article until it is sold (but you must not publish elsewhere while it is for sale!), which is great because if you feel it’s not selling you may request that it is removed from the store and use it elsewhere, you could also request that the price be reduced for a quick sale.

Payment for sold store articles is made via PayPal approx two weeks after sale (to allow for any disputes with the buyer regarding duplicate content, etc)

Blog Munchies also offer custom work to the top authors. Payment for these is made upon completion, and the rate will be agreed with you beforehand.

How Do I Submit my Work?

In the near future you will be able to submit your articles for review directly on the website, but while the programmers are busy behind the scenes setting this up you will need to email your article as an attachment to staff at blogmunchies.com.

In the email body you should include your name, PayPal details, price required for the article, word count and a short (30-50 word) summary of your article.

Is Blog Munchies Legit?

I can personally vouch for the fact that Blog Munchies is a 100% legit money making opportunity, as this is a joint venture between myself and Chris Mo’e (ZZZ Profits, The Surf Diet).

Any questions? Fire away!




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