A-Z of Money Making Methods

This post is just for fun, a lot of people still believe that there is no genuine way to make money from the internet and that everything is a scam, while it’s good to be aware that there are plenty of sharks out there, being open-minded and receptive to new ideas isn’t a bad thing. There are still many ways to make money online if you remember the golden rule “If it looks too good to be true – It is!”.

There’s absolutely no need to invest any money when getting started, so really nothing to lose except maybe a bit of time, that would probably have been wasted browsing the net, playing on Facebook or watching YouTube videos anyway.

So here it is: My A-Z list of legitimate ways to make money online:

Article writing, Blogging, Cash back, Direct sales, Elance, Fiverr Gigs, Gaming, Have a clear out and sell your stuff, Images, Join freelancing sites, Knowledge sharing on Buksia.com , Life coaching, Micro Jobs, Name a domain on Pickydomains.com , Offer your expertise at liveperson.com, Proof reading, Quiz answers, Reviews, Surveys, Tutoring, Upload files to Depositfiles.com, Voice overs on Voices.com , Website Flipping, X-rated chat lines, YouTube Videos, Zodiac readings

K and J sure were tricky ones! Have some fun and see if you can come up with something better. My next quest is 1001 money-making ideas, well maybe we’ll start with 101!!


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