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To begin with, this is not a comprehensive guide to working from home, there are much better resources out there than this lil’ ol’ blog!

All content posted by me on this site is purely my own opinion, and I cannot be held responsible for your own success or failures. (although donations are welcomed if you make a few million because of my advice!)

This site was created in March 2012, after I’d spent days searching for some work I could do from home.

I was getting thoroughly disheartened with the endless stream of what I now know to be MLM offers and spammy pyramid schemes. I even fell for a few of them – the marketing strategies can be quite sneaky! Thankfully I only ended up with an inbox full of junk, and not an empty bank balance.

I decided the only way to earn some money was to do it myself, it looked easy enough (at the time) I knew nothing about blogging, site building, keywords, SEO or any of the rest of it. If only I had known then what I know now! This site will never rank on the first page of Google, the competition is way to high, but it has been a valuable learning tool and for that reason I will stick with it and try to pass on as much knowledge as I can to others that find themselves in a similar situation.

It would have been too easy to give up at times (my stubbornness at not being willing to lose face in front of my family kept me going more than anything!), but I’m glad i didn’t. I  learnt from the mistakes I made with this site (my number 2 rule of marketing!) and have since had more success with a number of niche sites.

if you know what you want to achieve, stop making excuses and go for it! 10% reading, 90% doing (my number 1 rule of marketing!)