Affiliate Marketing Just Got Real Easy!

Major hat tip to Ana Hoffman for this little gem. My blogging life just got a whole lot easier!

I recently started using a free automated affiliate marketing service to monetize ShowMeSomeMoney as well as a couple of my small review sites.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online, especially if you have a popular blog to advertise on. The downside is how time-consuming it can be when you have to log into all your programs and build links.

With Skimlinks, I no longer need to log into Commission Junction, Affiliate Window, Share-a-Sale, etc separately! It’s all done on auto pilot for me.

Now I can just write my review, add the URL (without having to go build deep links in their affiliate program) and an image; job done. I can get on with promoting my posts and adding new content. Bliss!

It is pretty much an excellent alternative for lazy busy affiliates.

The service is through industry leaders Skimlinks, who have been the top innovators in the affiliate marketing space since 2008. The UK-based company recognized that manual affiliate marketing is complicated and often too time consuming for most people to actually make any money from. With this, and the publishers’ best interest, in mind they set out to reward publishers for the role that they play in generating purchase intent. This is a review of my experience with Skimlinks so far:
Their sign-up process was really easy and once approved (approval can take up to 3 days, but mine was a couple of hours), you have access to all of the merchants in their system. You will need to get all of your sites approved separately if you have more than 1.

Skimlinks works with thirty-seven different affiliate networks, giving its users access to nearly 18,000 merchants. Implementation is quick; just install one line of code or a plug-in for certain platforms such as WordPress.
SkimLinks will now find any product links that I place on my site (in text or on images) and turn them into tracked affiliate links. I don’t have to do any work outside of placing the links. I also recently started using their SkimWords product, a context-aware phrase linking tool that can find product and merchant references in-text and creates affiliate deep links. So, now, I no longer have to even add product links.
All of the purchases, clicks, and commissions coming through my Skimlinks links are recorded in the publisher interface. Daily commissions reports, calculated eCPCs, merchant reports, outbound link reports and more are all laid out in one place; no more checking into every affiliate network!
Also in the publisher interface, there is an array of tools at your disposal. eBay and Amazon search widgets for your site, a URL shortener, APIs; and it seems that they have more to come. Under “My Account” you can add domains and change your payment information. Once you hit the $10 threshold, Skimlinks can initiate your monthly payments via PayPal or check.

How could this possibly be free?

Skimlinks costs nothing to use, but they do get a small percentage of your commissions (25%). Much of this cost is offset, however, by their Preferred Partner Program. Due to their size and reputation, they are able to negotiate higher commissions with merchants, so that they can then pass the extra cash on to you.
Overall, I’ve found Skimlinks to be really easy to use and a fantastic new revenue stream for my sites. It is unobtrusive, so it doesn’t bother my users, and I can trust that there won’t be any inappropriate display ads or ugly pop-ups. Rather than pushing products with display ads, I can focus on creating great content and let my site speak for itself. Want to learn more about Skimlinks service? Check out their website : , or contact their support staff, via

A more thorough review and results will be published when I’ve used it a bit more.


5 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Just Got Real Easy!

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I never heard of this plugin. Very interesting concept and the only problem I see is the 25% they keep. I will still check it out because it interest me. I can see how it can help.



  2. Great review Lisa! While this sounds like an awesome plugin, 25% isn’t really a small percentage of your commissions… if you’re a full-time affiliate marketer it’s a quarter of your income! If you’re not selling much I guess it wouldn’t matter, but say you made $100K in commissions – they would keep $25K…That’s outrageous!

    I’d rather pay a flat fee for a plugin (or not use one at all). The fact the company is promoting this as free is s little misleading.

    Great review on your part though… thanks!


    • Hi Dawn, thanks for the comment. i agree that it probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s been a Godsend on my review sites – building links was so time consuming I can now spend that time promoting my sites and getting more targetted traffic to them so for me the 25% pays for itself threefold, and the 30% from referrals also more than makes up for it!

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