How to Balance Your Work at Home Life and Family Life


balancingWhen you make the decision to start working from home it can sometimes cause your work life and your family life to collide. This is something that is especially true for work at home moms because they have to take care of their children, meet deadlines at work, and keep the house clean. However, if you have been thinking of making the switch to the work at home lifestyle it is something that can be done while meeting all of your priorities and keeping your two lives separate. The following tips below will show you just how this can be done.

Do Not Give In To Distractions

The main mistake that most work at home employees make is that they are constantly giving in to distractions. When you are working you need to make sure that is all you are focusing on. You should not be surfing the web on websites that do not pertain to your job, you should not be using social media for personal purposes, nor should you be trying to multi-task your work with your cleaning duties at home. You have to treat your work at home job just like you would an out of the home job or your work at home career is going to come crashing down before it even takes off.

Set Business Hours

Another downfall of those who work from home is the fact that they are always working. When you work from home you must have business hours in place or you are going to drive yourself to a “burnout phase”. If you work better at night when your children are in bed then work at night. If you work better in the morning work in the mornings. But, don’t work outside of your business hours. You have to enforce this by letting your clients know your business hours so they know when to expect a response from you. During your off time you should spend that with your family. However, this does not mean being with them at the dinner table while checking emails from your phone or anything of a similar nature.

Take Days Off

Taking days off is another factor that is very important. It not only helps you balance your work at home life and family life but it also insures that you are able to keep your sanity. On your days off you are going to want to completely disconnect yourself from the job and make a date with your family. You don’t have to take numerous days off each week but at least one day off a week or every other weekend will do you some good. If you never take a break from work you are going to be overextended and your family is going to be suffering from it.

Explain Your Position to Your Family

Many time work at home employees end up picking up out of the home jobs again simply because their families do not understand. They tend to think that just because you are working from home that you are still available for their every want and need. However, the moment you make the decision to work from home you need to help them understand that just because you are home it does not mean that you are not working. They have to respect your business hours just like you will respect their time when you are outside of work.

Overall, these are the key tips that have to be kept in mind when you are working from home and need to balance your family life. If you are someone who has been working from home and have some tips to add that others may find useful feel free to do so in the comments section below.

About The Author: Victoria Heckstall is a work at home mom who shares her expertise and tips at Young Work At Home Moms.



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