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Become A Social Media Manager


Social media manager: Sitting at home playing on Facebook, Tweeting and Pinning is a pleasant way to spend a morning, but what if you could still do all that and get paid (a lot) for it!?
Social Media is still relatively new, and while most big online businesses have discovered how crucial social interactions are to their success, many smaller businesses and especially bricks and mortar companies still resist getting involved with Facebook Pages and Social Networking in general. That’s where the role of a specialised social media manager comes in.
social media managerCompanies, Marketers, Musicians, Minor Celebs (or wannabe’s) are in search of people to manage their social media profiles (social media manager), even if they don’t know it yet! These businesses need to develop their online social presence, but they do not want to hire a full-time employee, or pay full-time employee rates, neither do they want the expense of hiring specialist Social Media Manager companies such as Hootsuite or Klood.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager simply manages the social media networking, presence and marketing on behalf of individuals or organisations. Basically, you can work from home and get paid to play on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. Ok, so there’s a bit more to the social media manager than that, but if you possess great organisation skills, enjoy interacting on social networks and have an eye for design, it really is very simple, enjoyable work. your daily routine would include Creating profiles, run routine maintenance, reputation management, content creation and distribution (sounds posh, but it’s really just posting, liking and sharing – like you do on your own profiles every day with your friends!). You get to work at home and build a viable Work at Home Business as a social media manager.
Don’t forget before embarking on this Home Business to build your own Social Presence! You are going to need a fabulous Facebook Page with heaps of followers and friends (cheat a bit with Addmefast, Twiends and LinkCollider if you want to get going quickly).
A good manager needs to be passionate about social media, conducting constant, on-going studies as to what works and what is a waste of time, you are there to help businesses stand out amongst their competitors and shine online!

How Can I become A Social Media Manager?

How you approach companies is entirely up to you. Personally I would spend some time creating a great sales pitch, really sell yourself and explain in detail what you can do for their business, how you will do it and the difference a great social presence can make. Find companies with no or neglected Facebook Pages and send your pitch off via Email – hundreds of them, every day – doesn’t give up if the first few don’t respond! Even if you only get 10 positive responses from 500 emails, that’s 10 jobs to get started with!
If you target related Niche’s you can begin to improve your new clients social presence almost immediately by liking, sharing, digging and pinning each other’s posts! Create a community board on Pinterest and a Linked In group, etc.
The real money is made when you obtain multiple clients. From there, it only takes a few hours per week to manage and grow their social media accounts, do a great job and you will be recommended.
Even if you are already working from home with an online business, you may have a few spare hours a week to fill. This is perfect for those who are working a day job; the work can easily be done in the evening or at the weekends. As an extra bonus, imagine being in control of all those accounts liking your main online business!
Just imagine when it all gets too much for you alone, you will soon be hiring your own Virtual Assistants, Site Managers and Social Media Managers!! Would a Social Media Manager need a Social Media Manager? LOL

What Can I Earn?

This depends entirely on what services you provide to each individual company. You could create monthly packages. I.e.:
Package 1 – Facebook Cover design (grab one at Fiverr) and daily updates and Fan base growth, daily Tweets and Twitter presence growth – $50 initial set up and $50 per month (this would take you approx. 1 hr a week)
Package 2 – As above with daily Pins and a Linked In profile – $60 initial set up and $70 per month
Add to the packages available with G+1, Hangouts, Circles, Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, YouTube, etc.
The above is just an example, set your rates according to what you think you are worth, the packages could go right up to $500 a month or more, but don’t mention prices in your first email contact, that should be all about selling your service and what you can do for them and the growth of their company. See more on this subject on the Success Tips page.
The social media manager’s income is based on how many clients you have and what service packages you have contracted to provide for them. If you take this business by the horns & are 100% dedicated the sky is the limit. You really do need to just go for this one, and resolve not to fall at the first hurdle or rejection!
When working with small business, you should go for selling packages that best fit their budget. Bigger businesses will be more likely to just take the higher end services with the most value that you will be providing.
The bottom line is that Social Signals and Networking is huge! It is constantly growing and evolving, with a world of potential for every imaginable business medium. Your service as a social media manager is valued greatly. So charging clients accordingly for your skill can make for a very healthy monthly income.

A day in the life of a social media manager

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