Bingo Chat Host

Bingo Chat Moderator/Host

What is a chat host?

Chat managers/hosts/moderators are the helpful people in the online bingo chat room who make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone enjoys their games of bingo.

if you have a bright, bubbly personality and enjoy online Bingo, you could consider becoming a chat moderator.

You need to be fair, able to calm disputes and impartial.

While you get to have fun in the chat box, you are not allowed to play while on duty.

The pay of the chat host isn’t great but it’s a lot of fun and you get to meet some lovely people with the same mind-set as your own.

Job requirements

Welcoming players, running chat games, giving away prizes or dealing with player questions and resolving issues.

keeping the room fun, fair and friendly so players want to stay longer and keep coming back.

How to apply

The best way to go about it is simply ask the chat moderator in your regular bingo room, they are generally very approachable and willing to discuss it with you (as long as you don’t ask specific details, such as rate of pay)

You can also apply to the jobs posted at:


Most Online Bingo companies will have their own requirements but generally you should:

1)  like to chat and enjoy spending time in Bingo rooms.

2) Have enough time. If you are on duty you cannot pop out to the shops or go prepare dinner, etc. You must stay readily contactable while in charge of a room.

3) Share the idea of a respectful, friendly community. You must be respectful of the view of others (even if you don’t agree with it)

4) Be guided by your head rather than your emotions. You must be able to remain impartial and unemotional at all times. A calm disposition is a must.

5) Be able to make quick, realtime decisions

6) Have a mature personality.

People who apply may undergo a screening process and possibly a trial period.


Pay rates are not great, but it’s more about earning an income while having fun with this type of job, some moderator’s even work on a voluntary basis. You will need to discuss and agree rates of pay with individual companies when applying for a position.

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    • Salaries aren’t generally discussed by the chat hosts, you will need to negotiate with the company with regards to your pay once accepted onto the programme. Pay is very basic, probably somewhere around minimum wage. Hth and thanks for commenting 🙂

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