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For Bloggers, It’s a Zoo Out There! The Zujava.com Review

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Zujava is blogging website which allows users to make their own blogs and pages (known as “leaves”) and to earn revenue generated through from these when readers click on ads embedded in the page. Founded in 2011, this website seems to be quite similar to Squidoo. Zujava is free to join.


How Does It Work?

Users are allowed to sign up for an account where they can begin writing. First, however, there is a trail period called the “Petting Zu” where users have to write at least 3 pages, which will then be submitted for review to a site editor before being published online. This is done in order to ensure that only quality pages which are free from spam are published on the site. After these three articles have been cleared by the Zujava team, and the user has “graduated”, they can then begin publishing directly to the website.

The two main types of ad programs utilised are Adsense and Chikita, and users keep 50% of the revenue produced. There is also the potential to earn money from signing up others – those who successfully get referrals receive 25% commission from their sales. This is taken from Zujava’s 50% share, and not from the referred user. Revenues are paid 60 days after they are earned, once a month.


The Good

One thing going for Zujava is that there seems to be very little outright negative feedback. Unlike other websites, there is little hint of any sort of scam, and users generally being paid on time in a hassle free manner.  The fact that the site is kept pretty spam free is another big plus for it. Also, the site has a very attractive and easy to use interface, making it a pleasant choice both for those publishing content and for those reading it. Also, users don’t have to sign up for an independent Adsense account in order to start making money, taking some of the hassle off from having to set up the account from the user.


The Bad

One minor drawback to Zujava is the length of time that it sometimes takes to get out of the Petting Zu. It is only after graduation that the “leaves” that were made are accepted so that the user can go on to post content publicly. While the site says that they require up to a week for review, there are some users that have waited for several weeks before getting clearance, or that they do not receive adequate feedback to know what changes to make in order to graduate. 


The Verdict

Zujava is definitely a good option for those looking to make money through blogging on revenue sharing sites. A quick, attractive interface encourages others to read the content posted, and most users seem happy with their pay-outs. I’d recommend Zujava for anyone who wants to make money in a stress free way through blogging.


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