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bloggingIs blogging really for you?

Nowadays, if you are looking for an easy way to make money online, blogging is the thing that most people are drawn to.

The important thing to remember if you are thinking about starting a new blog is that a blog is NOT a business, it is merely a vehicle for your business, it’s your little corner of the World Wide Web where you can make your presence known.



My advice would be to only begin blogging if you:

  • Are truly passionate about your subject
  • Can take the criticism that comes with an opinionated post
  • Have absolute determination (and a bit of a stubborn streak) to succeed
  • Are prepared for sleepless nights and the angst that comes with any new business start-up
  • realise that writing regular blog posts are only the tip of the iceberg
  • Can invest the time and effort required to see your blog succeed
  • Can stay optimistic and positive when things just don’t go to plan
  • You can face the fact that the work is hard, the rewards are minimal (at the beginning) and any sense of self-satisfaction with your work is short-lived!

This blog has turned me into an SEO obsessed monster! Much as I love the blogging side of it, I hate that the keyword research, social media interaction, rankings and stats have come to play such a massive part of it. Even if I try to take a day off – the temptation of logging into webmaster tools or analytics or stat counter (usually all 3) is just too much of a draw to resist.

The obsession with SEO and ranking is nicely summed up in this Blogging Article

A good blog post can be created in two hours or less, the work involved with promoting and checking that article can easily absorb the rest of the day. My other (easier) sites suffer from my obsession with this blog, but I can’t help it, blogging has taken over my life!

Some days there is absolute elation because someone has searched and found me on page #1 of Google, others there is total despair:

  • No one liked, shared or tweeted a post I thought was brilliant
  • No one has commented today
  • I got more hits on searches for “lightbulb” than I did on “money making ideas”
  • “Make Money Online” Keyword dropped in the rankings from 120 to oblivion overnight

The demotivation felt when things don’t go to plan really is quite hard to take sometimes, and you will really need to prove your metal with the effort required to keep getting back up when Google kicks you down over and over again!

Maybe with a bit of luck, and choosing your niche more carefully than I did, this won’t happen to you, but don’t be under any illusions that there won’t be any hurdles to overcome!

Alternatives to Blogging Websites

Build a massive social media presence:

Ok so this is a lot easier if you are a celebrity, or can at least get yourself on the TV for 5 minutes, but it is doable with time. In the beginning you will probably have the same problems as you would when building a successful blog, i.e. – getting people to notice you, like you, follow you, trust you, etc.

But once past the initial stage and you are established, a big social media presence is your gateway to riches.

With new sites such as socibuzz establishing themselves, you can get paid just by having people click on your links. You may only get 10c per click, but if you have a fan page with 100k likes and just 1% of those fans click your link that’s $heaps! Straight in your pocket at no cost to you. Scale that up and add your Twitter followers, etc. and you have yourself a nice little earner!

Compare that to the time and effort involved with GPT, PTC, Micro jobs, Survey filling or Forum Posting?

Membership Sites

If you can find yourself a nice little niche full of diehard enthusiasts (paranormal porn is all the rage at the moment!), you can create a site, have the members fill it with content for you and charge them for it!

Review sites

Choose a few products you love, write a rave review about them and link up to your Amazon Associate account. Content will still need to be updated, but not as much as a blog – and the beauty of this money making method is that you will never run out of ideas!


Forums are notoriously difficult to get off the ground, who wants to post on an empty forum!? But with sites such as Postloop to help get you going, this is definitely a viable alternative to blogging. Once the initial reputation has been established, you not only have a site full of members eager to fill it with content, you also have them building your email list for you on auto pilot! Most of the regular members will also be all too happy to help you moderate the forum too; you don’t get that with blogging!

Old School Website

Make a website without a blog? Outrageous! If your content is good enough and provides all the information your readers need, then why not? Yes it will need to be updated occasionally, but you won’t have the headache of fresh, new content every single day.


Grab a free checkout, add some products with a PayPal button – sorted! You will have new headaches of postage and returns, and the rest of it, but that’s the same with any business – online or out in the real world.

None of the above money making methods are going to get you rich quick, and all will have their own problems to deal with, but the major difference between them all and blogging is that you will actually have the time to fix the problems, work on the site layout and design, generate traffic, etc..

Simply because you won’t be blogging, thinking about blogging, researching your next blog post, sharing your blog post, editing your blog post, finding an image for your blog post, worrying about your blog………….!

If I had have read this article before I started Show Me Some Money, would I have done things any differently? Probably Not! I love my little corner of the web 🙂


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