Boost CTR

Boost CTR is a contest based ad writing earning opportunity. It’s a great free money making idea for those looking to earn a little extra cash in their spare time.

How it works:

Advertisers launch a contest to optimize their ad campaigns. Members then compete against each other to create the best possible campaign for the advertiser. You basically need to create eye-catching and professional 25 to 40 word Google ads for Boost CTR‘s clients. The ad you write will then go into the pool along someone else’s, if you win and the advertiser chooses your campaign, you win the money offered.

Over 1,000 advertisers use Boost CTR, from small companies to major corporations.

Your ads go head to head with other copy writers in the system. You get paid when your ads go live or when you win a contest. Have fun in friendly competition and earn some money as you go—try it today!

What can you earn?

Although any earnings are not guaranteed, Boost CTR is a legitimate and genuine income opportunity. It’s very easy, simple work and the ads pay between $2 – $30 per contest. Boost CTR claim you can earn $20 an hour writing ads if you show a flair for it, this is probably at the top end of the scale as it is coming from the site itself. Testimonials claim an average of $1200 a month in earnings from successful writers.

There is a great support system in place, and lots of money making tips to improve your income. You will be offered feedback and advice on your techniques and tactics.

Boost CTR also offers an attractive affiliate program, however – there are no affiliate links in this post.


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