Bored: Bit of a strange title for a make money online site isn’t it?

If you have come to this post through typing the word bored into Google, then my experiment has worked (skip to bottom of post for some funny pics, a video and a few jokes to relieve your boredom for a few minutes!). You won’t be interested in the rest of it, unless you want to make some money instead of typing “im so bored” into Google!

For those looking for new ways to make money online – well I guess it’s worked to an extent as I get to explain how and why! Hope you don’t get bored with it too soon, please stick around for a while, I need the bounce rate low for this to work LOL

The intent of this article is primarily to test out and review the claims of the new wp plugin – Seo Pressor. I will also put to the test the instructions I’m so fond of dishing out for off page SEO and for getting traffic without Google, but don’t actually put into practise myself, usually!

So, to sum up – In theory this bored article will be averaging around 1000 hits a day by the time you read it! Let’s get started 🙂

Keyword research (using Google’s keyword Tool): Bored – 550,000 global monthly searches, 135,000 local (UK) searches – competition: Low

SEO Pressor automatic on page optimization:

  • H1, 2 & 3 Tags
  • Bold, Italic and underline Keyword: Bored
  • Image with keyword Alt Tag
  • Length of content good
  • Optimal keyword density between 2% and 5%
  • Started content with keyword
  • Keyword bored in first sentence
  • Internal link to other pages
  • External link with keyword as anchor text

This plug in claims to get you ranking #1 for a keyword with 219 million competition –  100% guaranteed. That’s a big claim! I will try it for 60 days (the trial period) and monitor the results.

This page has been optimised to 100% for the keyword “bored” according to seo pressor, so now all we can do is wait – check out the video while you’re waiting, it’s interesting!

Why are you bored anyway!?

You obviously have access to the internet, the world is at your feet! If it was sudden onset bored (SOB) then ok – Go play a game, prank someone, enter some competitions, do a crossword, watch some funny videos on YouTube, check out what’s going on over at Bored, chat to your friends on Facebook (if you don’t have friends go find some, there are billions of people out there just as bored as you!). Help my experiment by liking, tweeting and sharing this post, no cash incentive but a great cure for the terminally bored LOL

How about getting really adventurous and venture out into the real world; walking, libraries, running are all free! Geocaching is super fun apparently, get yourself involved and enjoy knowing that you will never have to type im so bored ever again.

Bored and Broke?

Well if you are only bored because you’re flat broke, then you happen to have landed in the right boredplace! Have a scout around the site, find a method you like to make money online, implement it and hey presto! You aint bored no more AND you got some cash! Begin your new bored free life by checking out the Quick & Easy page, or check this more fun, less boring way to make money with funny stuff.

Some Fun, Free ways to make money online if you’re bored:

  1. Play MMORPG games and sell your virtual currency for real money.
  2. Sell your MMORPG accounts when you get bored of playing them.
  3. Join some paid to chat sites and enjoy some fun conversation.
  4. Spam your friends of Facebook and Twitter with links from Linkbucks and see how many they put up with before you get blocked.
  5. Join Postloop and enjoy a spot of fun forum posting.

So what happens when you’re no longer broke & bored, noooo you’re rich and bored! Bah – go buy a helicopter and take some flying lessons, install a helipad on your new yacht et voila – cured!

Seriously though, when you have a resource such as the internet how can you ever be bored? Maybe you’re just doing too much of the same repetitive stuff over and over – Log off Facebook and check out Pinterest hahahah.

Ok my efforts failed and you’re still bored (and broke because you are too bored to be bothered following above instructions!)

Here’s my last resort of 10 things to do that don’t involve the internet when you’re bored, enjoy 🙂

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Watch TV
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Sit on the couch and say im sooo bored!
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Play with the dog – don’t have one? Play with someone else’s dog!
  7. Learn a new skill*
  8. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in years and tell them you’re only ringing cos you’re sooo bored
  9. Call them back and apologise
  10. Get drunk and call them back again

*Some new skills to learn:

  1. Planking
  2. Cooking
  3. Stool Sitting
  4. Free Running
  5. Air Moonwalking
  6. Business Card Throwing
  7. Paper Ripping
  8. Excersise ball surfing
  9. Rapping
  10. Freestyle soccer


Still bored? Bored enough to think about this? What would happen if Pinocchio said “My nose will grow right now”?



I’m Bored!

So come have fun at, your home for free games that will cure your boredom. is virtually equipped with thousands of games that you can play for free every day! Not interested in games? Visit Classic or visit our fun, humor or weird microsites. You can spend all day on and barely even scratch the surface!

Just remember:

When you’re bored, visit!


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