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Brand New Money Making Idea

ufavorsNew Money Making Idea With uFavors & SEOPressor

What Is uFavors?

uFavors is a brand new site offering “favors” in a similar vein to Fiverr gigs. There are, however, some significant differences between Fiverr and Ufavors, as the owner of uFavors is quick to point out:

  • uFavors will be holding payment for 10 days, compared to the 14 by Fiverr.
  • Buyers will have an option to leave a tip after a favor has been successfully completed. uFavors will NOT deduct any fees on a tip given to you by a customer.
  • You have the option to offer $5 or $10 services.
  • uFavors is being developed and driven with a passion for success by the admin, which in turn means success for you.
  • uFavors promises not to be just another Fiverr clone.

Ufavors is brand new, and the money making opportunities are endless, but you will need to get in quick if you want to offer something unique before everyone jumps on the band wagon.


What is SEOPressor?

SEOPressor is a nifty little wp plugin (and my new favourite toy!) that covers all aspects of on page seo for your WordPress blog.

So what’s the new money making idea?

Well the money making idea is very simple really – sign up to uFavors and offer to optimize articles for $5. With practise and the SEOPressor this shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes to complete – so a potential to make up to $30 per hour. Remember, SEOPressor is a wp plugin, so you need a wp blog to make this work!

As an extra Favor you could offer proof reading, punctuation and error checking alongside the seo, so if someone pays you $10 they will have a fully seo’d and proof read, unique article.

money making idea

Wait there’s more! Sign up for the SEOPressor affiliate programme, give your clients a few days to be suitably impressed and tell them your “top-secret” method for on page SEO (not forgetting to include your affiliate link!) – the product will sell itself. Obviously you might not want to do this for all of your clients as you want some of them to come back!

But Show Me Some Money is supposed to be about free money making ideas isn’t it?

It is, and I’m sorry but SEOPressor is not free..BUT.. it does come with a 60 day no quibble guarantee (it’s a Clickbank product so you WILL get your money back, guaranteed), so if you haven’t made any money with it, or just decide that this money making idea simply isn’t for you after all, just claim your money back. It’s a totally risk free investment.

If you are totally dead-set on not investing, then you could either get 5 friends to club together (there is a multi domain version available) $20 each and get yours for free – or you could offer to  install it on clients’ wp blogs at a cost of $20 (half price!), or even offer it for $10 on uFavors!

Remember, just 2 sales with the affiliate programme will cover your costs. Why not sign up to the affiliate programme first (it’s free, you will need a Clickbank account), sell a couple of copies and then buy it yourself?

I really would like to take credit for this new money making idea, but alas the honour must go to Anton over at Money on Computer Forums and thanks to Chris at uFavors for the heads up on all uFavors has to offer.

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Image from Voices, another great money making idea 

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