Build it Funny – They Will Share!

This money making method is pure simplicity, it is similar in concept to the Pinterest Marketing post, so have a read of that for more detailed instructions.

You will need:

  • Blog Platform (blogger, wordpress, your own domain, etc)
  • Funny Pics
  • Facebook Account
  • Sense of Humour
  • Facebook friends with a (sharing) sense of humour
  • Adsense or Clickbank Account
  • PayPal Account (for the heaps of monies!)
  • A couple of hours to get it all set up

Ok so as I said, this is simplicity itself – How many times have you laughed at a picture on Facebook and hit the share button?

Just add as many funny pics onto your blog as possible, pop on your adsense code if you have an account, if not have a hunt around clickbank and find something that will convert well; something like how to create perfect captions or draw cartoons maybe. Spend some time playing around with it until you find what does well.

Be sure to add lots of social sharing buttons to each picture, not just the general page, so your visitors do some of the work for you! If any of your pictures involve food or kids, you can use Pinterest as well as Facebook.

Find some humour related fan pages to post your pics onto, some of them have hundreds of thousands of fans! Your aim is for a couple of them to catch on and go viral, keep plugging away at it. Don’t give up too easily, it does work! Look at this site for inspiration

Have fun, make people laugh and go MAKE SOME MONEY!

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