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stock carGot a car and need some money but can’t actually be bothered earning it? Then this one is right up your street!

Car wrapping is very popular in America, and is quickly making its appearance in the UK and Ireland. Although there aren’t many companies acting as go-betweens yet or sites offering the service, there are still a few to choose from and this shouldn’t put you off if you aren’t in the Uk and are determined enough! Just pop round your local  business premises and offer the service yourself if you don’t want GPS tracking and so on, go on – you aren’t THAT lazy 🙂

Ad wrapping is perfectly acceptable for buses, Taxi’s, hire cars and even aeroplanes – so it’s really nothing new. The adhesive vinyl film applied to the car can be easily removed when required without damaging your paint work.

Car sales and repairs garages are most likely to go for this type of advertising, as are local Take-Away restaurants, so try them first before you end up with haemorrhoids treatment Ads plastered all over your rear end (so to speak!).

If your car is clean, reliable and in a reasonable condition you could expect to be paid between £100 and £225 per month to have car wrap advertising, depending on how much of the car you are willing to get wrapped and how much driving you do.

Try these brokers if you don’t want to approach customers yourself: – Your car must be fully legal (insurance, tax and MOT up to date), you must own the car (don’t try it with your dad’s unless he agrees!) and you must be over 18 with a full license. – Must live in, or near an urban centre. The waiting period can be several weeks up to several months depending on advertisers demand in your region. (van owners only) – You must have a road legal car, be the primary driver, Hold no driving convictions, Travel at least 500 miles per month, Keep you car clean and undamaged, with advertising kept clear.


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