Cashblurbs is a totally new, and very exciting viral advertising platform. The online earning potentials are numerous, and you can get started right now and totally free! Step by step instructions are in place to guide you carefully through the entire process.

For anyone with a blog / website / product / facebook page, etc to promote this really is going to be an invaluable resource. If you don’t yet have a product or blog to promote I strongly urge you to sign up. You will then be sent a comprehensive guide as to how to Make Money Online with Cashblurbs. The guide is overflowing with ideas and advice on how find and promote products successfully. There is no fluff or padding, just really solid, workable advice in clear and simple language.

The sign up process really couldn’t get any simpler: Just enter your email address and a password, then add in your Facebook or Twitter details (you will need at least 75 friends, followers or fans – but don’t panic, they give you plenty of time to achieve this goal and you won’t be penalised in the meantime!). You may also add a picture if you want to.

After sign up (takes approx 2 mins) you simply choose an existing ad to promote on your Facebook or Twitter page/profile. Once you’ve clicked the “post” button you’re good to go on your own ad!

Create your short ad and include the link that you want shared, now the next person that wants to promote their own ad must share yours before they can do so. Simple and ingenious!

The free version of Cashblurbs is ideal if you just need some extra fans or visits to your blog, you may post a new ad once a day. For those wanting to get serious and promote their own or affiliate products, there is a paid option ($20 a month) which allows you to post a new ad every 20 minutes.

Cashblurb itself is available as an affiliate product on clickbank (also free to sign up for!), so you could easily get it to pay for itself simply by recruiting others onboard! Full instructions and tools are provided in your members area. Referrals will be super easy as this is such a great idea.

Read further reviews (including my own progress) on the Money On Computer Forum

Cashblurbs is likely to go viral extremely quickly, so don’t waste too much time thinking about this one, get in on the ground floor – it’s Free, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose by just checking it out and giving it a go. Check out the other ads that are up for more inspiration and ideas as to how you can Make Money Online.

To make potential money as a user, you don’t need initial experience. You don’t need a website of your own. You don’t need an email list. And you certainly don’t need a “guru” reputation! All that’s needed is a Membership, and again,“something to promote”!

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