I built a blog, and then……NOTHING HAPPENED!

I built a blog, and then……NOTHING HAPPENED!   Does this sound familiar? Did you read that blogging was an easy way to make money; jumped in and realised it wasn’t quite as easy as that? Why isn’t anyone coming to my site? It’s been a month already and I’m not even anywhere near rich! Blogging […]

Free Content for Your Blog

Where to get Free content Whether you’re suffering from momentary brain freeze, running out of ideas for your posts, or just can’t be bothered writing today, there’s still plenty of ways to get fresh, free content for your blog: Guest Posts – Probably the best idea for generating unique, free content for your site. Totally […]

Painless Traffic

As my niche is in make money online, I am a member of lots of forums discussing the topic, and one of the main thread subjects is almost always “how do I get traffic” or similar. So this morning, I was busy emptying my junk mail folders as usual (just to make sure I hadn’t […]

Affiliate Marketing Just Got Real Easy!

Major hat tip to Ana Hoffman for this little gem. My blogging life just got a whole lot easier! I recently started using a free automated affiliate marketing service to monetize ShowMeSomeMoney as well as a couple of my small review sites. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online, especially if you have […]

Three Great Tools To Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media plays an inevitable role in the online promotion of your business. With a strong presence on social media, you can gain a convincing lead over your competitors. You can create brand awareness for your products and use different social media platforms to advertise your offers. Your social media presence can help you reach […]

Stuff I Learnt This Week 2

A quick round-up of what I learnt from the world of trying to make money online this week: Domain Rank So you get your blog going, and get to grips with page rank (that Google says doesn’t matter but the rest of the blogging world thinks is essential?), then you discover you need to improve […]

Ever Feel Like you Missed Out on Something Big?

Well, that’s just about how I’m feeling today! I’ve been following (with much interest) the latest product from Ryan Deiss for around a week or so now. It’s called Authority ROI and looks like it’s set to be huge! I guess it’s my own fault for getting sucked into the free promos, but you can […]

Share & Earn on Lockerz

I’ve just discovered and signed up with Lockerz, not too sure how it all works yet, but the concept seems very similar to Pinterest – only with a shop and rewards. You simply sign up, and start “grabbing” other people’s adds. You can then add the Lockerz bookmark to your tool bar (similar to the […]


Gotta say I was more than a little wary when I first came across Postlinks – but if it’s good enough for the blogging legend that is ShoeMoney.com, then it’s good enough for Show Me Some Money! What is Postlinks In a nutshell PostLinks lets you Sell text links on your WordPress blog, they provide a simple WordPress […]

My Blog STILL isn’t making me any money!

Right, so you fixed everything that may have been wrong with your blog in my last post on the subject of blogging for money successfully? Did you really? Or did you just read it and then move on to the next blog post/forum thread on the matter?? I did! But it was all in the […]


Bored: Bit of a strange title for a make money online site isn’t it? If you have come to this post through typing the word bored into Google, then my experiment has worked (skip to bottom of post for some funny pics, a video and a few jokes to relieve your boredom for a few […]