Build it Funny – They Will Share!

This money making method is pure simplicity, it is similar in concept to the Pinterest Marketing post, so have a read of that for more detailed instructions. You will need: Blog Platform (blogger, wordpress, your own domain, etc) Funny Pics Facebook Account Sense of Humour Facebook friends with a (sharing) sense of humour Adsense or Clickbank […]

Become a Facebook Quality Rater

This position is similar to the work of a search engine Ad Assessor, only it’s working directly for Facebook. Facebook are looking for raters to help assess the quality of search results for People, Pages, Games, etc. The projects involve investigating and rating search results, identifying patterns and providing feedback to the engineers to help improve the […]

Get Paid To Tweet

If you have lots of Facebook friends/twitter/tumbler follows or subscribers on YouTube, you can get paid for every click on links you share. and offer targeted campaigns to suit your friends and followers. Simply sign up (free) then complete your profile by adding your Facebook and twitter account details (YouTube and tumbler optional), […]

LiveWorld Social Media Management and Moderation

If you liked the idea of becoming a Social Media Manager but just don’t have the confidence to set up your own home business just yet, then this work at home opportunity may just be the one for you. Large corporations and big companies spend a lot of time, money and resources on building their brand. Then they […]

Get Paid to upload your Original Videos

Do you have any hilarious, unusual or inspiring videos hanging around doing nothing? You could get paid up to $600 per video by All they ask is that the uploaded content does not contain any adult, dangerous, copyrighted or illegal material. The content must be your own and original (no YouTube videos). They pay via […]

Cloud Crowd

Cloud Crowd is a micro jobs site, you can pick and choose which tasks are most suited to your abilities. Cloud Crowd stands out from other micro working sites in the fact that you are paid daily, if your completed work has been approved by 5pm you will be paid for it the next day […]

Become A Social Media Manager

  Social media manager: Sitting at home playing on Facebook, Tweeting and Pinning is a pleasant way to spend a morning, but what if you could still do all that and get paid (a lot) for it!? Social Media is still relatively new, and while most big online businesses have discovered how crucial social interactions […]

Easy Peasy Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is still a relatively new type of social media, which means there are plenty of ways to market it effectively that haven’t, of yet, been saturated. Pinterest marketing is super easy and totally free, but don’t be fooled that it requires no time or little effort! Gaining Pinterest followers is as difficult as finding […]

Cashblurbs is a totally new, and very exciting viral advertising platform. The online earning potentials are numerous, and you can get started right now and totally free! Step by step instructions are in place to guide you carefully through the entire process. For anyone with a blog / website / product / facebook page, etc to promote this […]

Uvioo (get paid to share YouTube Videos) Review

What is Uvioo? – I was quite excited on first hearing about this method to make money online, the concept is very simple – just share your favourite YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Digg or any of the 15 sharing platforms that Uvioo provides. Not only do you get paid for the share, but […]

Get Paid To Post Links on Facebook

I can really get paid just for posting links on Facebook?! Yes and NO! It is not technically true that you can get paid just for posting linking on Facebook. You can, however, get paid every time someone clicks on your posted links (or makes a purchase in the case of Cloudiply & Tripleclicks) to Facebook and other social […]