Cloud Crowd

Cloud Crowd is a micro jobs site, you can pick and choose which tasks are most suited to your abilities.

Cloud Crowd stands out from other micro working sites in the fact that you are paid daily, if your completed work has been approved by 5pm you will be paid for it the next day straight into your PayPal account.

While you aren’t going to get rich from the tasks available, you can earn a decent amount if you recruit a few active referrals. Your “Personal Crowd” is made up of the people you have referred to work at Cloud Crowd. When you refer others, you will be paid for a percentage of the work they do, as well as keeping your own earnings. Your Personal Crowd is not penalised for signing up under your referral, and will earn as much per tak as yourself. As Cloud Crowd is a Facebook App, you can recruit your friends directly from their link.

Getting that first payment into your PayPal account is often all you need to boost your confidence in your journey towards making a full-time income working from home.

Some of the tasks to choose from include writing, research, editing, translation, proof reading and data entry – so there is something to suit everyone. After sign up you should endeavour to obtain the English Comprehension and Keyword Research credentials first. This forms the basis for all other credentials and set you up for more, higher paying tasks after the initial 30 day period.

Signing up to join Cloud Crowd is quick, easy and free. It is all done via your Facebook account, and this is where you will log on after your initial sign up.

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