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Sound a bit too technical for you? Think again! Ok so we’re not talking about the next Farmville here, but you can still make some extra cash from simple Facebook apps.

AppBank is a free service for any registered Facebook user looking to make money and have fun while doing it. This is an ideal platform for anyone who has the imagination and ability to produce fun, viral and engaging content to share with their  Fb friends and beyond. Stop just wasting time on Facebook – spend time and make money!

To get going you will have to spam your friends a little, but at least they are getting a bit of entertainment in return. The idea is to make your app go viral, then sit back and let it run on auto pilot for you.

People generally love wasting their time fiddling around on Facebook; you’ve probably filled in some sort of “which Eastenders character are you” type quiz as some point or another!

 AppBank can help you exploit this weakness. While you probably won’t get rich from creating these simple games, you can earn a good few hundred bucks per month. The Appbank platform enables non-techy people to create “high-quality quizzes, gifts, polls, surveys, tests, and games”. All you need is a little imagination and a good idea.

The big difference between this method and the usual “create your own app” services is that creator of the apps can actually generate income from them.

For the average, non-technically minded person, it’s a great service as earning an extra few hundred dollars each month can make a big difference for most people. If you’re looking at a quick get rich scheme, this probably won’t be it, but as a simple app for those that are looking to waste some time and possibly earn a few dollars it’s not a bad idea

This is a very easy way to earn some extra cash. While you could also chase after money by filling out online surveys, why not get your friends to take your own surveys and get paid for it?

No other services that I know of enable Facebook users to generate revenue in such a simple way but people can sit at home and make money by generating tons of Facebook quizzes, you have to think something just isn’t right. So far, top earners are making over $750 a month, and my guess is that they aren’t creating thousands of quizzes and surveys, instead opting to limit their overall output.

AppBank have invested a lot of time in energy into this platform and if all goes well, they could soon be helping millions of Facebook users make money and make a fair amount of  it themselves as they take their cut of the proceeds.

Facebook ads are ads that run on the right hand side of most Facebook pages. These ads make money for Facebook. AppBank ads are ads that run everywhere else on an app, known as the “application canvas” area. You make money from the Appbank ads, not the Facebook ads.

The higher quality content you produce, the more people you will entertain, then they are more likely to share your new app. The more people you reach, the more money you make. It’s that simple.


Go and create a bunch of quiz apps now and have fun!



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