Create an Ad + Referral Loop!

This money making method can get a little confusing, but it’s great fun and can be done in around and hour a day once you get a little practised, so bear with me on this one!

What you will need:

Instant Blog Subscribers Account (Free)

Cash Blurbs Account (Free)

Clickbank Account (Free)

Facebook or Twitter Account, with at least 75 friends, followers or fans (still free!)

Viral Inbox Account (YUP it’s Free)

Gmail or junk email address – you are going to get a lot of emails (although viral inbox will take care of most of them for you)

Sokule Account (free)

Postloop Account ( ye ye you got it – it’s FREE!)

SFI Account (guess what? Free!)

TripleClicks Account (optional) you are automatically a member if you join up to SFI First

Those should keep you going for a while, but you can add more referral accounts as and when you get more proficient at your loop!

Once you have all your accounts in place, go over to and shorten your referral links – so your IBS referral link, for instance, will look something like

Ok – so in theory this concept is pretty simple! Once you have your Cash Blurbs and Clickbank accounts, go click the Affiliate link at the bottom of the Cash Blurbs member area page, and pop in your Clickbank affiliate Id to get your referral link. (more on how to do this Here)

Now head over to Instant Blog Subscribers and make your first post promoting Cash Blurbs.

With that done, go back to Cash Blurbs and use your first blurb to promote something other than IBS, as you don’t want to direct them back to Cashblurbs. You could try a Tripleclicks or Clickbank product, or use your Viral Inbox or postloop referral links. It really doesn’t matter, have a play around with it and try different things.

Sokule is a similar concept to Twitter, use this to send people to your IBS post, Cash Blurbs or SFI Account.

Joining Postloop has two benefits, firstly most of the forums you can join are new so will allow you to put links in your signature. Use this chance to promote IBS. Secondly, you will also get paid for your posts, bonus!! Read more about the Postloop join up process Here.

Day 2: Make your IBS post promoting SFI Affiliates, use your Blurb to send people to IBS as your IBS posts won’t be mailed for another week. Use your Viral Inbox account to send people to Cash Blurbs. Use Sokule to Promote Viral Inbox.

Day 3: Mix it all up and do it again! Keep chopping and changing your promotions, keep track of what’s working and change what isn’t. The great thing about all of these programmes is they are Free – so if they don’t work for you just drop them and find another one!

Try putting a Tripleclicks splashpage (free and done for you when you sign up) onto your free Sokule or IBS website and sending traffic to it from Cash Blurb.

If it’s all a bit much, just simplify thing by using a circle of Swagbucks/Tripleclicks/Cash Blurb & Instant Blog subscribers, you can always build your list back up when you are ready for a bigger challenge!

If one programme works particularly well for you, as soon as you have made money and cashed out on a couple of the sites it’s a good idea to reinvest your profits in upgrades to scale up your efforts. Take your time with this until you are sure it’s working though. As an example, with a paid Cash Blurbs account you may post and ad every 20 minutes as opposed to once a day with the free service.

Promote your programmes, get some referrals, make some money, rinse and repeat – but most of all Have some FUN!

With enough time, effort and thought this idea to Make Money Online can be turned into a very profitable Home Business, and you could realistically make a full-time income. Don’t forget to look after your down lines as well as yourself, after all – they will be making the bulk of your profits for you!

**I have been advised that this money making method could be too overwhelming for a newbie, so for total newcomers to the world of making money on the internet you can scale this right down by using Postloop, Cash Blurbs and Clickbank – Create a Postloop, Cash Blurbs and Clickbank account, promote your referral link from Postloop on Cash Blurbs, Pop your Cash Blurbs Affiliate link in your Postloop Forum profiles and signatures where allowed, and away you go!!

Not enough of a challenge for you? Hike things up a notch by shortening all your URL’s at and get paid everytime one of your links is clicked!



2 thoughts on “Create an Ad + Referral Loop!

  1. Thankyou for this post, these are simply great methods and if put to use like you say in this loop (many of which I already do 🙂 ), over time you will certainly see good growth. Of course promoting your own products in this way could prove to become very rewarding for you too. Thanks again!

    • Most definitely, I think any marketers ultimate goal should be to create and promote their own products – for now I am happy to recommend platforms that I have used personally and can testify actually work, such as the power of Cash Blurbs…but one day….one day!

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