Customer Service Work

To work as a Customer Services Agent from your home, you will need an excellent, professional telephone manner, a quiet and disturbance free place to work (no kids playing, dogs barking, tv noise, etc), a headset and a fast broadband connection (some companies insist on a landline too).

You will need the ability to keep a calm, clear head and remain composed under stressful situations.You should also be able to type and hold a conversation at the same time. While experience is not always essential, it will help when you are competing against lots of applicants all looking to get the employment as you. Hire people from over 20 countries worldwide – including Ireland and UK. They have a strict code of conduct that you must adhere to, visit the main site for instructions on how to apply in your country. Hire from UK only, your own equipment is required to start. Uk company – Do note that there are start up costs for your background check, forming your Ltd company, and training. – Sign up for job alerts on the site as and when opportunities arise.


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