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Submit your T-shirt designs or slogans to, they will then be voted on by the threadless community for a week. Once the scoring period has ended, the design receives a score from 0 to 5. This is used as a guide by the  Threadless team to decide if it  gets made into a tee-shirt or not.

If Threadless choose to print your design or slogan, you will then give them exclusive rights to print and sell it on their site. They will not use a design unless the designer has been paid for its use. All legal terms must be accepted before any design is submitted for approval.

Designs are accepted worldwide from threadless members over the age of 13 (membership is free).

Winning designs receive $2,500, If they decide to reprint the design, you get an extra $500. All payments are made via paypal – check the full details for artists here

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