Direct Sales

Single level marketing, company representative, party planner – many names, one meaning – You sell a company’s products!

Avon, Betterware, Kleeneze and Ann Summers are companies that easily spring to mind, but these days you can sell just about anything on a commission basis.

Most direct sales companies will require an initial investment. In return you receive your start-up pack which can consist of samples, catalogues, marketing tips, etc. Some, like Scentsy, will even include a ready-made website for you to get going.

Do your homework before parting with your cash:

Who are you going to sell to? (general public, family, door to door, parent & baby group, etc) In general you will be more successful if you have a wide social circle.

How are you going to sell? (Facebook page, door to door knocking, word of mouth, friends & family, website, etc)

Is there room for you? (Avon is especially popular)

If your chosen company is not yet well-known, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as competition will be less, but do check that they are registered with the DSA , the Direct Selling Association.

To be able to sell with confidence you should ideally like and believe in the product you are selling, but not love it so much that you end up buying all the stock yourself! (Yes I spent more than I earned with Avon).

I have been told (can’t verify) that Oriflame and Partylite have no start up costs – Happy Selling!

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