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Earn Extra cash For Christmas


Ichristmas bonusf, like many families this Christmas you are feeling the pinch and having to tighten your belts when it comes to spending on extra treats how would upwards of an extra $1000 to spend sound?

Even with only six weeks or so left to go, this target is not impossible! Here are a few ideas to make some extra cash this Christmas:

Have a Clear Out

When was the last time you went through all your cupboards and drawers and really asked yourself if you really need all this stuff?

Be ruthless! Clear out one room at a time and sort your new-found treasures into categories:

  •          Toys – These can be used for a garage sale (plenty of families will be out bargain hunting this year), you could bring them to a market, or sell as a job lot to market stall holders.

Do make sure all toys are in good condition and complete (selling a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece would be pretty rotten for the recipient!)

  •         CD’s, DVD’s, mobile phones, console games and old gold can all be sold online, most companies will even send you and envelope to post back to them.
  •          Clothes – Most clothes can be bought to your local cash for clothes depot, but keep back any special or designer pieces to be sold separately. Put them up on eBay or use a stock exchange service, or even your local classifieds. Earn cash for quality clothes your kids have outgrown with services such as and

Up cycling

Remember, you won’t be the only one having a clear out before the Holiday season. It’s amazing what some people will give away! Have a search through the free section of the classifieds ads, you’ll be surprised!

Pick up anything you can find local that looks promising, give it a bit of a makeover and pop it back into the classifieds with a price tag.

Do be careful when selling from your home though. Never allow people to call if you are home alone, and don’t be frightened of offending anyone by not inviting them inside. They are calling to buy, not be entertained and offered refreshments.


Offer A Gift Buying Service

Many of your friends and family will find gift buying a real chore. Busy parents, professionals, the elderly and frail all find making the time for shopping trips difficult.

Even online shopping can be time-consuming and tedious. Why not take some of the pressure off them and offer to pick up some presents while you are out shopping for yourself.

You could charge a set fee for this service, and even offer it for free if you can do the shopping online, just remember to use a cash back service to get your rewards!

How about going the extra mile and offering a gift wrapping service alongside the purchasing?

Don’t forget to go through a cashback site when shopping online for extra rewards. Ior Irish users there is Fatcheese and in the UK there is TopCashBack

Decorate Christmas Trees

money for christmasJust like shopping, not everyone actually enjoys decorating their homes for the Holidays. If you have a flair for great design you could offer a complete home decorating service. If you’re not afraid of heights you could even do the outside lights.

You could also have an agreement to take down the decorations after Christmas (I would pay for this!).


Earn Cash Online

bonus moneySpam your friends! You should get away with this so long as it’s short term. Head over to Sponsored Tweets, Click Bank, HaveYouSeen, Social Spark, MyLikes, Staree or Socibuzz, pick up some links and blast them out on Facebook and Twitter (be careful not to get yourself a ban in the process!)

Get paid for chatting on forums with Postloop, you probably won’t earn much more than $20 or so a week for this, but hey – that’s $120 towards an extra treat for that someone special in your life (I’m thinking new dress?).

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