eBay Trading Assistants

eBay trading assistants sell products on behalf of other sellers for a pre set fee or commission.

It’s free to register as an assistant, but you must:

  • Have an eBay account that is in good standing
  • Have sold at least 4 items of your own within the last month
  • Have a feedback score over 50, with at least a 97% positive score

To become an eBay trading assistant, simply read through the FAQ http://pages.ebay.co.uk/tradingassistants/learnmore.html   and create your profile.

When you edit your profile, you can select 3 main categories (and 5 subcategories for each) as your selling preferences, or you can just state that you will sell in all eBay categories. This information is then displayed to customers and will affect your appearance in the search results.

Once you have registered and created your profile, you will be listed in the eBay trading assistant directory, when clients search the directory for assistance they will automatically be shown the relevant results closest in location to them.

As well as being listed in the directory, you will need to promote yourself as a Trading Assistant, eBay supply a toolkit, which includes lots of downloadable material, to help you with this. You can also market your services as a Trading Assistant on your About Me page or on a personal Web site or blog.

When you sign up as a Trading Assistant, you will be advertising your own services to customers. You and your client have the responsibility of negotiating all the terms, and ironing out the details, including the starting price of the item to be sold, who pays the eBay selling fees, who is going to ship the item, what happens if an item doesn’t sell, if the buyer wants a refund after the sale, etc. All of these details need to be agreed upon before acting on behalf of your client.

There is no set fee or commission for trading assistants, so this also needs to be agreed with the client before doing any business.

By including yourself in the eBay Trading Assistants Directory you are essentially running your own independent business. Trading Assistants are not employees of eBay. The ability to join the directory is a request, not an automatic right, and eBay can remove your ability to post a profile to the directory at any time. This is something they can and will do, if too many clients have serious complaints about your services as a Trading Assistant.

Support is available to eBay Trading assistants just as it is to any eBay member. They will not, however, negotiate or mediate on your behalf with your clients.



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