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If you have a creative flair and a knack for coming up with cool, unusual or memorable company names, domains or slogans you could try your hand at suggesting domain names at

Sounds simple? It is! but competition is fierce and you will really have to stand out from the crowd, finding domains that are available, appealing to the clients and catchy is very difficult. You are not allowed to choose expired domains and this narrows the field down considerably. Contributors cannot use any suggestion software or services, including expired domain lists. All suggestions are to be your own and 100% original.

Here is how picky domains works – you register as a contributor for free, select orders you want to work on and send in your suggestions. If your name, domain or slogan is picked, you’ll get 40-60% of the order value (averages around 25-35 dollars depending on your rank and order type). The payment is sent directly to your PayPal account, so it’s important that this is available in your country.

The registration is instant, and you get can to work straight away. There are always plenty of orders to work on, the ranking system is designed to encourage imaginative contributors – the more successful suggestions you make, the higher your commission.  Your ranking will automatically be set at 5 when you join. Each time you get a positive feedback or your suggestion is taken up by a client, your ranking and reputation goes up. At a certain level you will be eligible to apply for premium domain suggestions, only contributors ranked 1 through 4 are allowed to work on premium orders.

Picky Domains suggest you begin by making 5 suggestions to 20 different orders each (100 suggestions total). Within 24 hours you’ll get feedback on some of the orders (others can take a week or so to be processed, while a few clients never bother to give feedback). Work on the ones where you got one or more ‘Likes’. If your rank grows from 5 to 4 or 3, you are on the right track. If you’ve submitted several hundred suggestions, but got no likes or picks, your naming skills may not be up to scratch.

Picky Domains track all the suggestions made. At any time you can click ‘My Suggestions’ and see if any of your domains have been registered. If they have and you didn’t get credit for it you can then submit a complaint with your proof.

The Company reviews the list of suggestions and from those that are not chosen but deemed to be of good quality, will be registered by PickyDomains for resale. In these cases the contributor will get a less than 50% change, due to fees, etc. but in some cases this could turn out to be more than the $25 you’d get for a name that was chosen.

Due to the competition and difficulty in coming up with original ideas this is not necessarily something you should do if you are trying to make a living from money made solely on the internet, but if you enjoy coming up with ideas and have a creative mind, then it may be enjoyable enough to do just for the fun of it and hope that your idea is chosen.

Is it a scam?

A quick search on Google will throw up lots of claims of SCAM!

While I cannot say for sure that Picky Domains is not a scam, it has been running for over 5 years with hundreds of satisfied clients and customers.

Most claims of it being a scam are from disgruntled contributors who have never had their suggestions chosen and claim the domain has been registered a couple of days after they suggested it. While Picky Domains offer plausible explanations for this, it can’t be ruled out that some underhand tactics aren’t taking place – especially as all the registered domains find their way to the same hosting company.

With this in mind, if you come up with a really good domain name that you think could be valuable  it’s probably wiser not to hand it over to Picky Domains, but look rather into buying and selling it yourself instead!


According to the home page, bloggers can earn a free session for a new domain name by mentioning Picky Domains on one of their blog posts. This is a great idea and may be a fun way to learn more about Picky Domains and get the perfect blog name in the process!

Give it a go, it’s free and you may discover creative juices you never even knew you had!

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