find a good niche

Find a Good Niche

Find a good niche – This is a decision you are going to have to live with for a while, so be prepared to put some time into researching the subject properly.

Before we continue, it’s worthwhile to remember that unless you are extremely rich, famous, well-travelled, or extremely talented nobody is going to want to read your personal ramblings and musing, this is not the way to find a good niche! While you may think your life is super exiting, everyone else is just concerned with their own.

find a good nicheHow to find a Good Niche

There are several ways to find a good niche, if you have your own definite idea of what you want to do, well done! Skip this part and move on to the keyword research.

If not, First of all make a list of all the things that you have at least a little knowledge of and that interest you (if you don’t have an interest in or empathy for your niche you are going to get bored with it)

Whichever way you go about trying to find a good niche, remember you have to provide something that people need (or think they need). You have to offer something that will make their lives seem better, make them feel better physically, make them look better, or best of all help solve a problem.

Brainstorm with friends, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch the TV ads and write all your ideas down.

Narrow your list down to around 10

Check out magazines (Amazon is a good place to start with this) on your chosen subjects, do they sell well and are there plenty of advertisements inside – what are they advertising, is it something you could become an affiliate for?

Can you think of plenty of article ideas for your subject?

Now narrow your list down to your top 5, think about what you might call each site – is it interesting to everyone, or just you? Could it just be a fad that goes out of fashion in a couple of months, can you easily market the topic on social media (Facebook, twitter, etc)

Check out Ebay and Google Trends for products that are selling well – do any of them match your initial interests?

If you prefer you could just Stick with “evergreen” Topics – meaning there will always be people who will buy no matter how the economy is doing and topics that will never go out of fashion:

Health, wealth, & love – everyone wants to live longer, look better, earn more and have a relationship – even if only fleeting!

The above are general subjects, you will now need to narrow down into categories such as weight loss, fitness, dating

Keep breaking down your categories until you have a manageable niche, but can still come up with plenty of associated products and article ideas. So weight loss becomes fat-free recipes.  Fitness becomes muscle-building. Dating becomes finding love in the supermarket, etc. You may need to break down several times, for example if you love fashion:  Fashion – accessories – handbags – designer handbags – Pauls Boutique handbags – Pauls Boutique evening handbags

Remember that most of the Evergreen categories are going to be highly competitive! You are better off going with your own interests, hobbies, problems or health issues.

If you are still stuck you could always go completely random with the niche generator

Learn more to find a good niche for you 

Hopefully by now you have plenty of ideas to find a good niche. The next thing to do to find out more about your chosen niches is to visit forums. By visiting forums and taking note of what people are most concerned about you can search the Internet for products and services that will help them solve those problems. Gather information about the topic. Do some research.

This should give you more information about your target market, what their problems are, how you can solve those problems and what they are willing to pay for the solution.

Now head over to the Google keyword tool – type in some keywords associated with your niche and check the results. Ideally you want keywords that give around 2000 results (at least 800) for local monthly search and low competition. Play around with this for a while until you find something you are happy with.

Go back to Google and type in the keywords you have just chosen (this is what your target market will be doing when trying to solve their problem). How many results are there? Go to the sites that came up on page 1 (this is where you will want your site to end up). Can you compete in the market? Also take a look at the ads that come up on the side of your search.

If it all looks too overwhelming then it probably is, just go back to your original list and start the keyword research again, continue until you are completely happy with your chosen niche. It will be worth it in the end!

Still stuck for ideas? Sign up with an affiliate program such as linkshare (they have hundreds of companies listed), it’s quick, simple and free, and you will need it later anyway; go through the companies and products until you find something you like or can identify with and think you can sell. Go to Google, type in the company and product name +reviews +scams and check the results are ok, if they are you’re good to go – Congratulations you just found your Niche!

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Did you find a good niche for yourself?


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    I absolutely agree with you about the techniques to find the best niche. Most of the newbies searching for ‘Profitable Niche ‘ and wrongly choose some niche they are not interested or they know only a little about. This post will give a good startup.

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