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Finding Fanbox – A Fanbox review

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Fanbox is a social networking platform that allows its users to create content, sell services, and engage in other activities that allow them to earn money. Fanbox has managed to garner a wide range of reviews – from people enthusiastically loving it to those who hate it. Let’s have a look at the site, and reasons why it would get such a polarised response!

How It Works

There are several ways that a person can earn money

  1.       Producing content – users can make money by producing content. This content is in blog form and includes adding any sort of media, be it video, music, or pictures. The more views the blog gets, the more money is earned. Users can also make money from putting links to others post and earning if the reader clicks through to that blog as well.
  2.       Categorizing and rating posts – Users can also make money by categorising and rating posts. Each post has a section where keywords that the author has associated with that post are displayed. Members can agree or disagree with the relevance of these keywords, and rate them on that relevancy.
  3.       Selling products or services – Users can also sell their products or services on Fanbox without having to pay a fee.
  4.       Teaching – Users can also earn money by becoming “Success Coaches”. These coaches are experienced users who are assigned new users and teach them how to best utilise the site. Earnings are then automatically doubled for coaches.
  5.       Boosting – Users can also make money by “boosting” other advertisements. Boosting is basically the process of paying for other’s ads. If someone clicks on these ads, the person who funded the boosting will be paid per click. If it isn’t clicked, then that money will be refunded to them, meaning that they lose nothing.


The Good

Fanbox has a number of ways to earn money, meaning that users can maximise their profit by taking advantage of these various ways. Also, the social nature of the site allows people to easily share their blogs or services. There have been many people who have supplied screenshots, pictures, and even video to show that they have successfully been paid from Fanbox. Not only have these people profited, but users are also able to choose from a number of charitable ventures which Fanbox supports to donate to.


The Bad

There have been many people who have complained about “spam” emails from Fanbox. Many persons reported receiving emails from Fanbox “informing” them that they have signed up for Fanbox, with clickable links to “retrieve” their password to collect the funds that they have already  allegedly earned. There are also requests from other persons on the one’s contact list, asking questions or requesting to be their “fan”. Those who actually DO click on the links often have a hard time unsubscribing from the Fanbox list in order to get rid of the numerous emails that follow. All of this spammy type of email doesn’t do much to give a good impression of the site.


The Ugly

Many users report difficulty with retrieving the funds that they have already earned. This is particularly a problem when using the IPL (I’ll pay later) credit line. With this, users are allowed “credit” with which they can use to pay for ad promotion. After using this service, if a user wants to withdraw their money, they must first pay a $15 monthly charge from Paypal in order to get their money. This has led to many frustrated customers who don’t understand why the required funds can’t simply be taken from the money already on their account.


The Verdict

While there are lots of pros to the site, the polarised nature of reviews about Fanbox is something that would personally make me feel a bit worried about signing up for this site. Although there are many reported happy customers, the spamming and difficulty in retrieving payments may influence many people to take a pass on this site. While it is possible that Fanbox is a perfectly legitimate site, it sounds like one opportunity that I’ll leave alone for now.



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