Fiverr puts a unique twist on freelancing your expertise in any chosen field.

Do you have any special talents, products or services that you would be willing to sell for $5? (keeping it clean!! ish)

If you can draw, advise, teach, design, sing or make funny videos you could sell your services on People are making serious money selling their “gigs”. Use your imagination on what to do!

This is also a handy resource when starting a new site, there are lots of people offering SEO advice, banner/logo designs, facebook likes, etc.

Serious money can be made with Fiverr if you can find the right product or service to sell.

Try to stick to digital products that can easily be sent on in pdf format, what you don’t want to do is spend over and hour getting an order ready for $4! (Fiverr take $1 in commission)

You could write your own E-book or how to manual and market it, or if very lazy just buy a couple of PLR (Private Label Rights that gives you the right to resell the product) articles.

When offering a service or product on fiverr it’s important to include the bonus offers to up your earnings – buy xxx and get another xx for $10. Also see if you can find some related *gigs* to offer. If you try to offer 20 completely unrelated services you will not gain the trust that is essential to becoming a successful earner on Fiverr.

Go try it –  It’s free to sign up, use your imagination or take a look at what the most successful sellers are doing and copy it, they are successful for a reason; people want what they are offering!

Need more help? Here are some free instant gigs with PLR rights related to weddings:

Groom’s Speech Now don’t forget the bonus offers…

Maid of Honor Speech Best Man’s Speech Father of The Bride’s Speech

Your next gigs could be Hen Party Games with bonus offers of Hen Party Themes, Arrange the perfect Stag Night, etc.

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