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Sounds pretty simple, huh?? It is! All you gotta do is participate fully in this experiment, copy & paste to your own blog and enjoy the free backlinks, increased traffic, mega social sharing and watch those rankings climb! The sales bit is up to you, you can only lead a horse to water…you can’t make it drink. No cheating by just grabbing your free backlink and running off into the sunset though!

Since the dawn of SEO, backlinking has been an integral part of getting noticed by the search engines and improving ranking – but more recently Google & co have been paying more and more attention to your social signals; so getting Tweets, Likes, Shares, Stumbles, Pins and Diggs are becoming crucial for success.

So let’s get this free backlinks show on the road!

1. Grab your free backlinks:free backlinks

All you need to do for this is part is leave a comment at the bottom of the page. There is no catch, and if you only want to do that much it’s fine, no strings attached. This blog is enabled with comment luv, giving you those all important one way, dofollow juicy free backlinks.

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Don’t forget to bookmark this page after commenting, for every bookmark of the page, comes a bookmark of your link attached!

After posting a comment it will be held for moderation before it is shows up (I get a lot of spam). So please be patient.

That’s it, you’re done! But If you want to go a step further and help me to create a chain reaction of free backlinks and social sharing, then carry on to the next step:

2. Share This Page:

To really get on board with the experiment, I need you to Like, Share, Tweet, G+, Stumble, Digg or Pin this page (or all of the above if you wish!). Just use the sharing buttons at the bottom of the page for easy sharing to your favourite social network.

3. Copy this page

Now all you need to do is replicate what I have done here, either create a page or blog post offering free backlinks. To get it noticed initially put a link on the bottom of a few related posts saying something like “free one-way backlinks”.

At the bottom of your post add a title such as “other sites offering free backlinks”. You should make these links nofollow so Google doesn’t see the links as reciprocal linking and penalize you for link farming!

Find some make money online or blogging related forums and offer free backlinks with the url of your post.

Don’t forget to share your own post on social networks!

4. Let me know & Increase your traffic

When you are all done, drop me a mail: lisa at showmesomemoney dot com with “free backlinks” as thefree traffic subject and let me know the url of the post, I’ll then add you to the list of other sites offering free backlinks.

Of course I will also visit your site and comment for my free backlink, bookmark the post and share it 🙂

 Let’s make this work!

This could be a great way for all of us to get traffic and spread the word about our sites. The best part is we get to help each other out by giving away free back links and we all getting free traffic from Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, etc.

Remember this is only going to work if you get involved, reading and moving on wont increase your traffic, rankings or sales!

What do you think? Can we make this go viral?

A Few Rules:

  • Make sure you put Free backlinks in your comment so I can sort the spam quickly.
  • If your comment doesn’t show immediately, don’t panic and keep leaving more comments, sometimes I venture out into the real world so it could take a couple of days to approve (especially if I’ve been drinking!).
  • No adult, hate, racist or abusive links or comments, if you have some criticism then make it constructive. I’m all for debate, but I will not allow myself, my readers or my blog to come under attack for your amusement.
  • One comment per site, we aint linkfarming! oink
  • No affiliate links, we’re helping each other out – not selling stuff!

Other Sites Offering Free Back Links:

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free backlinks

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  1. God bless you admin…I love to see that there are still some good souls alive in this cruel web..who are still helping others to grow..Thanks a lot..will surly provide you a backlink when i will write a new posts on free dofollow backlinks..

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    Learn the Truth.

    And thanks for the free link.

    • Find a popular site related to your niche and follow the comment trail 🙂 just leave a comment, then click on other people’s comments and leave comments on their blogs, etc.
      With Google authorship set to become a huge part of your rankings this year, guest posting on related sites is going to get you noticed, increase traffic to your blog and help with your rankings. Hth

  5. Recently I have been struggling on where to get backlinks for my best military quote lens and other published works of mine. I realize it is now such an important thing. Thanks for allowing me the flexibility to both commend you for your hard work and for placing backlinks on your site – wink wink

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for offering us all the chance to add a link. Very unselfish and great to see.

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    • LOL no don’t say that or I will have to go back and proof read all of my posts before people start picking up on my mistakes! A very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to you too 🙂

  7. Free Links!
    As soon as my mom got off of your site I jumped on with my blog information. As a newbie to this world of blogging I can use all the help I can get. We need more user friendly sites like this one, most sites I am told to check out are so way over the top that I feel so frustrated and inadequate that I tend to shy away from things I have to read and go with having some one actually show me, which is usually my mother. No matter how old I get I still depend on her to guide me when I need it.
    Anyway thanks for all the good info . . . and I’ll be checking back now and then, to be sure.
    Selena Jackson

  8. I’ve been blogging for over four years now and I can’t believe how much things have changed in that short amount of time. I am blessed with a group of friends and family members that all blog and if it wasn’t for them I really don’t think I would have continued after the first couple of weeks that it took to get it up and running, looking good and learning my way around the ever changing WordPress program. There was and still is so much to learn and to keep up with and knowing who to trust has been a huge issue, so it’s cool to find sites much like your own here that gives us the necessary information and tips to keep on blogging and to make our blogs the best that they can be. I thank you for that!
    You can bet I’m a bookmarking this site as well as passing the URL to others that will hopefully find it useful as well.
    Sheila Winston

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    • You’re welcome, Assisting Authors seems an excellent resource for any authors struggling to get their online presence established -even as a non author, there are some great tips on expanding your fan base. Thanks for all the work you put in on your articles, I’ve picked up a few tips alrerady!

    • It’s not that awesome – but I’ll take it

      ps guys: no need to spam an article entitled “free backlinks” just write free links – I honestly can’t make it any more simple than that for you!

    • I haven’t had any adverse effects so far, the experiment has worked well for getting traffic from other sources apart from the dreaded big G and I’ve met some really great people 🙂

    • yes it would appear that most are grabbing their free link and running LOL, it’s a shame but human nature I guess! Maybe if we add some funny pictures or juicy celeb gossip they will be more inclined to share 😉 It’s still early days and only time will tell…

  11. Free Backlinks. I guess I am slow but will try to catch up. Does this work with any site or should they be of the same niche? I don’t know that there are many IM’ers in the niches I pursue that would even have a clue of what a backlink is.

    It is good thing you are doing and should help a few folks who take action as you mentioned.
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    • I think it would probably work best in the IM/seo/make money online niche – but if you could find some way to integrate it into your blog then there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.
      You could perhaps just write on article on how to promote your blog – that’s going to work in any niche. Anyone who is trying to make money from their blog needs traffic to enable this 🙂
      Even If your circle don’t know about seo and backlinking, they surely know the power of facebook and twitter so maybe use that as your angle?
      You could perhaps set up your own sharing circle with blogs in a similar niche?

  12. Free backlinks! Great that you are sharing link love in this way! I am sure that all of us will promote this page, as we will all share in the dividends! My first time on your site, so I will be staying a while to see what you are offering here.

    • Thanks for getting involved Rika, this page has been up for less than 24hrs and the results are already amazing! Don’t forget if you promote this page, you are also promoting your own links 🙂

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