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Since the dawn of SEO, backlinking has been an integral part of getting noticed by the search engines and improving ranking – but more recently Google & co have been paying more and more attention to your social signals; so getting Tweets, Likes, Shares, Stumbles, Pins and Diggs are becoming crucial for success.

So let’s get this free backlinks show on the road!

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All you need to do for this is part is leave a comment at the bottom of the page. There is no catch, and if you only want to do that much it’s fine, no strings attached. This blog is enabled with comment luv, giving you those all important one way, dofollow juicy free backlinks.

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Don’t forget to bookmark this page after commenting, for every bookmark of the page, comes a bookmark of your link attached!

After posting a comment it will be held for moderation before it is shows up (I get a lot of spam). So please be patient.

That’s it, you’re done! But If you want to go a step further and help me to create a chain reaction of free backlinks and social sharing, then carry on to the next step:

2. Share This Page:

To really get on board with the experiment, I need you to Like, Share, Tweet, G+, Stumble, Digg or Pin this page (or all of the above if you wish!). Just use the sharing buttons at the bottom of the page for easy sharing to your favourite social network.

3. Copy this page

Now all you need to do is replicate what I have done here, either create a page or blog post offering free backlinks. To get it noticed initially put a link on the bottom of a few related posts saying something like “free one-way backlinks”.

At the bottom of your post add a title such as “other sites offering free backlinks”. You should make these links nofollow so Google doesn’t see the links as reciprocal linking and penalize you for link farming!

Find some make money online or blogging related forums and offer free backlinks with the url of your post.

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4. Let me know & Increase your traffic

When you are all done, drop me a mail: lisa at showmesomemoney dot com with “free backlinks” as thefree traffic subject and let me know the url of the post, I’ll then add you to the list of other sites offering free backlinks.

Of course I will also visit your site and comment for my free backlink, bookmark the post and share it :)

 Let’s make this work!

This could be a great way for all of us to get traffic and spread the word about our sites. The best part is we get to help each other out by giving away free back links and we all getting free traffic from Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, etc.

Remember this is only going to work if you get involved, reading and moving on wont increase your traffic, rankings or sales!

What do you think? Can we make this go viral?

A Few Rules:

  • Make sure you put Free backlinks in your comment so I can sort the spam quickly.
  • If your comment doesn’t show immediately, don’t panic and keep leaving more comments, sometimes I venture out into the real world so it could take a couple of days to approve (especially if I’ve been drinking!).
  • No adult, hate, racist or abusive links or comments, if you have some criticism then make it constructive. I’m all for debate, but I will not allow myself, my readers or my blog to come under attack for your amusement.
  • One comment per site, we aint linkfarming! oink
  • No affiliate links, we’re helping each other out – not selling stuff!

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