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Whether you’re suffering from momentary brain freeze, running out of ideas for your posts, or just can’t be bothered writing today, there’s still plenty of ways to get fresh, free content for your blog:

Guest Posts – Probably the best idea for generating unique, free content for your site. Totally Google friendly too!  Find guest posters on forums and dedicated sites such as myblogguest, bloggerlinkup, website babble, blog frog. There are also a good few guest blogging groups on Facebook. Or just contact the owners of related blogs. They may be happy to write an article for you in exchange for a couple of links or you may be asked to guest post on their blog.

After the guest post has gone up – you can then blog about your experiences with guest posting, more fresh content for you!

Interviews: Most times the big players won’t be interested in guest blogging for you if your blog is new without much traffic, however some will answer a few quick questions via email or Skype about themselves (big ego’s do love to talk about themselves!) that you can turn into an interview to publish on your blog for free content.

Curating: A polite way to cut and paste! Simply extract an excerpt from a great article, and a few lines of your own expressing an opinion on it and give link back to the source of the content. Free content for you – a link and mention for the author!

Expert Answers: This is curated (see above) from

How this method works

 •Add a simple contact form with modifications.

 •Encourage your visitors to ask questions.

 •Forward their questions to experts within your niche.

 •Receive the answer of their question from the expert.

 •Publish the question and the experts answer.

 How to find experts within your niche

 This is the tricky part in this process. You need to find an expert within your specific niche who is interested in answering your question and getting his answer published. Tricky, but not impossible.

 I’ve been doing this for a while and the easiest method to find an expert within you niche is simply to search at Google for one.

 “Niche” + “contact us”

Article Spinning: Generally a more frowned upon method to generate free content these days, and considered “black Hat” by the serious bloggers. Basically, you find a great article and change the words around a bit. Totally unfair on the original author, but a common practise none the less! If you are going to do this, then at least try to do it yourself, there are good article spinners out there, but generally they will turn the article into unreadable mush (especially after 200 spins for article directory submissions!)

An example of spun garbage from a recent post on MOC:

Apart from the items, people get truly keen on knowing how superior some program’s result can be. Using this application, assume so good success are not only initially as the success listed below are resilient. You don’t have to be concerned about your entire worth in picking this system. This method has confirmed every single weight loss aspirant such as you of 100 % money back guarantee after you have any dissatisfactory statements in accordance with the application. These are typically only a few motives why you must get the Diet program Answers Programs when your aid to fat loss.

It goes on – but I think that’s quite enough to prove the point! You really want that kind of free content?

Auto Blogging: Not really worth going into, Google will probably kill you stone dead in your tracks for attempting it! A new trend to replace auto blogs seems to be importing yahoo answers in to your blog instead for free content.

Fresh, free content:

In exchange for a link back will supply you with news feeds:

Fresh delivers free content to your web site with our free rss news feeds. Have fresh news articles automatically appear on your site throughout the day. No need to register. Just copy-and-paste installation code into your web page(s) and be on your way. Handling your free content needs couldn’t be any easier!

Grab free Articles from sites such as, – Duplicate content so unless you want to edit then probably a waste of time. Good resources for new ideas though!

Dead Domain Scavenging: Pick up content from expired domains – Google will eventually de-index dead domains, if you use the articles it is no longer duplicate content, just check nobody got there before you! The process of getting this free content is explained better here

One to look at:

 How would you like free content for your blog or some other website of yours?   You can get articles for your sites simply by asking me.  How about if the articles are one hundred percent original, grammatically correct, individually written articles on whatever topics you want?   These are articles that the search engines love.  These are articles that people can actually read and get something out of.  These are real articles that are crafted specifically for your website.  This is the kind of content that great websites are made of.  You can get it free of charge.  Yes.  I’ll write the articles for you myself.

 What is the catch?

I am looking for links back to my websites and the websites of my friends.  Every article I write for you will have one link embedded in it that links back to one of my websites or a website that belongs to one of my friends.  All I ask is that you leave that link intact.  I want it to remain a standard do-follow link also.

I have been in contact with Ted from this site, he’s very friendly and approachable, and will hopefully be guest posting on Show Me Some Money soon!

Image source – The problem with free content 


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