Get Paid To Post Links on Facebook

I can really get paid just for posting links on Facebook?!

Yes and NO! It is not technically true that you can get paid just for posting linking on Facebook. You can, however, get paid every time someone clicks on your posted links (or makes a purchase in the case of Cloudiply & Tripleclicks) to Facebook and other social media…

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook (usually over 300) you can get paid to post links as your status updates. Your friends may well get a little fed up of this all the time though!

SFI & Tripleclicks

SFI is a network marketing opportunity for those wishing to build a home business around selling and promoting products via the Tripleclicks store and/or recruiting others to do the same. You can make lots of commissions and some fast cash sharing Tripleclicks products via Facebook, Twitter or Email. Each product you choose to share via social networks shows the direct commission you will earn per sale.

Once signed up, just find some products on the Tripleclicks site (you automatically become a member once you sign up as an SFI Affiliate) you’d like to share and hit the button, all links will automatically have your affiliate link in.

You can carry on promoting products by yourself and earn generous commissions; or recruit others into your downline, SFI offers two supplemental income programs.  One of these is the ECA Program.  ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) are businesses that sell their products and services at  By referring ECAs, you can earn LIFETIME ROYALTIES every time any of  over one million SFI Affiliates and TC Members buy from your referred ECAs.

The unique and best feature of becoming a Tripleclicks ECA (E-Commerce Associate) is that once you get someone to buy something from your link, not only do you earn a direct commission for that transaction, but also for every purchase that customer makes in the future!

Read my post for more details on building a SFI & Tripleclicks Business 

Referral Task

Referral Task  Promise to pay you $1 for every referral that signs up under you, plus $2 just for signing up yourself.

All you need to do is share your link via Facebook, Twitter, Forums or anywhere you choose really!

I’m not convinced? I’ve signed up and as soon as I reach the $10 payout we’ll see if this is legit, something is screaming scam though! The site has lots of grammatical errors which really doesn’t bode well for a professional, legit company.

It’s free to sign up, so unless they are just harvesting Email addresses it’s hard to see where the scam lies.

** Quick Edit – Stay away from this one guys! It has scam written all over it, my guess is still email harvesting. If you are stuck for a site that pays try instead: Every time someone uses a coupon you’ve uploaded, Coupon Chief will give you 2% of the sales.


With Cloudiply status posters are considered  “Angels”, those that don’t have a big enough number of friends to enable them to be called Angels initially, can still use the service and have access to member offers by joining an Angel’s network as a “Network User”.  You can use Twitter or Facebook to become a Cloudiply Angel. Angels are paid cash every time a Network User buys an offer through their link and will earn an additional bonus at the end of the month if enough of their Network users have bought offers. Network users are not paid to post links on Facebook.

Cloudiply is basically a discount site, with daily special offers – Angels can promote these offers through their Facebook & Twitter accounts, or avail of them themselves! Angels are then encouraged to recruit members to their network.

A network user can only join if they become part of an Angel’s network, once your friends quota is up to the required number you can then apply to become an Angel yourself.


With Linkbucks you simply sign up for free and start adding pages that you would like to promote, for each page that you add you will be given a link with your unique referral code in. Each time one of your links is clicked – you earn money. Payments are sent out twice per month. Unlike Cloudiply, linkbucks has no set criteria for required friends amount, and you can post the links wherever you want. You will also get paid for referring friends, and you can earn more if you are prepared to promote Adult (18+)content!


To get started sharing your links on Staree, you will need to apply for their programme. Acceptance is not guaranteed, and will be based on your Facebook or Twitter following and your Klout score.

Staree is the new concept from IZEA (who pay for blog reviews), they are a well known, repected and legit company so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with Staree.

For every click your picture gets, not only do you make money, but a portion is donated to a charity picked by IZEA. The first recipient of these funds is Give Kids the World.

Celebrities such as Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush, ER, Frasier) Logan Henderson (?!) and Mario Lopez (Extra) tried out Staree during the beta phase and have great things to say about it.

You basically upload your photo’s or video’s, share them to Facebook and Twitter and get paid every time an attached ad is clicked from what I can gather (I haven’t been accepted yet, but will update with more info if I do).



Socibuzz is a brand new ad platform that pays you per click for ads you share on your social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Craigslist, Reddit,, Instagram and many more.

  • Users with multiple accounts on Twitter / Facebook are welcome on
  • Only 1 social media account can be linked to 1 account (this means if you have 2,000 twitter accounts, you will also need 2,000 socibuzz accounts).
  • Socibuzz have built an API with those publishers in mind, they can work with you directly on how best to manage this.
  • CLICK FRAUD IS NOT ALLOWED –  publishers are paying for real traffic, so while they allow multiple social media accounts it does NOT mean that they allow click fraud. Socibuzz are assuming that since you are managing multiple social media accounts then you can also produce REAL TRAFFIC. is built to be fair to both publishers and advertisers.

Socibuzz is currently working on the referral programme, and it should be available soon

Paid to post links on facebook

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