Get Paid To Tweet

If you have lots of Facebook friends/twitter/tumbler follows or subscribers on YouTube, you can get paid for every click on links you share. and offer targeted campaigns to suit your friends and followers.

Simply sign up (free) then complete your profile by adding your Facebook and twitter account details (YouTube and tumbler optional), and tick boxes of areas that interest you. You can choose up to 10 categories, including: games, books, food, fashion, entertainment, business, etc, etc.

Once your profile is complete you will be offered the relevant campaigns and told how much you will earn per click for that campaign. Then you simply choose which campaigns you would like to promote and click the link that posts the advertisement to your twitter account.

Mylikes tracks your posts to render a quality score for each user. The higher your quality score, the more you get paid per click. Payment can be received via PayPal or by Amazon Gift Card. You will then be paid on a weekly basis, every Friday, once your account it up to $2 in earnings.

There is plenty of help and advice available on the site to enable you to make the most of your campaigns, however the terms and conditions are quite strict and we recommend reading them thoroughly before posting. You may not click on your own links or directly ask or encourage friends to do so.

Extra bonus – free samples! If you engage your YouTube channel on Mylikes Some advertisers will offer samples so you can try out the product personally before you recommend them  to your audience. If you have enough subscribers and video views on your YouTube channel, you can become eligible for samples.

You must publish a video promoting the product within 7 days after you receive the sample, or you may lose the ability to request samples in the future.

People using this method to earn cash on a casual basis can expect to earn around $50 per week. If you take it more seriously you can easily earn hundreds.









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