GPT = Get Paid TODAY!

The following list of sites allow either instant or same day cash out, none of them are going to make you rich and you will probably be lucky to earn £10.00 per day. If you are desperate for money though, remember that £10 can feed your family for the day! If you do not need the money quite so urgently, then you could consider leaving the money in your account for a month and have £300.00 to play with, now that sounds a whole lot healthier doesn’t it?

Spend that month reading, researching and giving serious thought as to how you want to start earning a proper income from home and you should be in a great position to use that £300.00 wisely!

Micro Jobs

Cloud CrowdChoose and complete your tasks, and if they are approved by the close of business (5pm), you will be paid by 8pm that day, whatever the amount.

GPT – Get Paid To

Nature BucksComplete an offer an receive instant payment (minimum of $0.05)

Link BucksPost Links on social networking sites, if someone clicks the link you will receive instant commission.

Rewarding WaysComplete offers, fill surveys, win contests or refer friends, earn at least $1 and post your proof in the forum to receive daily payments. If you don’t want to post in the forum you can still request a monthly payment instead.

Treasure Trooper – Get paid instantly for completing offers and surveys, play mini games, use the search function and referring friends. Get $1 free just for signing up. PayPal not available as a payment option in all countries, check before signing up if you want instant payment.

Simple Gpt – Complete offers for instant payment.

PrizeLive – Similar system to rewarding Ways, plus a monthly jackpot to be won. Good support forum and Admin assistance.


JvZoo and Payspree both payout instantly into your paypal account, simply choose which products you would like to promote (instant download digital products are the way to get some fast money), get the link and start spreading it around (via email is usually the best way to go with these).





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