Three Great Tools To Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media plays an inevitable role in the online promotion of your business. With a strong presence on social media, you can gain a convincing lead over your competitors. You can create brand awareness for your products and use different social media platforms to advertise your offers. Your social media presence can help you reach a wider audience, establish trust with potential customers as well as create a community of fans, resulting in the expansion of your client base. However, the task of maintaining multiple profiles on popular social media sites can be a bit mind-boggling. This is where effective use of social media tools comes into the picture. Let us have a look at three great tools that can simplify your social media campaigns.

Mention – Know When You Are Mentioned

Mention is a wonderful tool that keeps track of when and where your brand is mentioned on the web, including social media websites. When your brand, product, or even your target keyword is mentioned somewhere, Mention lets you know.

Some of the key features of Mention include setting up alerts for the name of your company, your keywords and your competitors. You can configure Mention to get alerts sent to you in real time or receive a daily summary. One of the most useful features is the option to expand the details of mentions. This allows you to view the concerned website where your name was mentioned by just clicking on the site in your app report. You can also share the alerts from Mention to your team members, and assign them the task of dealing with these alerts.

Using Mention you can quickly find out when there is a complaint, or compliment about your product/service so you can respond appropriately. By responding to an online complaint, you can not only help out a dissatisfied customer, but also win over people who have been following the complaint.


HootSuite is another amazing social media management tool that helps businesses to campaign across various social media networks. HootSuite helps you to identify your customers, make effective marketing campaigns, target the right audience and grow your client base. Using HootSuite, you can post to various social networks simultaneously. With HootSuite you don’t need to worry about your online presence being affected when you are away for a week. You can have your updates scheduled and spaced so that your absence is never felt. However, ensure that you still respond to queries. HootSuite also sends you weekly analytics reports and gives you the option to involve your team members by assigning them tasks without having to give out password details for your social media accounts.


Maintaining accounts on different social media websites and responding to messages can be a time consuming task. Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts to be sent out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts at certain times/dates that you choose. Buffer makes posting content and doing updates on your social media pages easier. The tool has a great user interface, offers a range of extensions for browsers and has solid Android and iPhone apps. Buffer also offers some great analytics features to track your social media campaigns.

Get set up with the right social media marketing tools asap and start building up your social media presence.

Zane Schwarzlose is the Director of SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin Website design company. Zane thinks that social media campaigns can get hairy, since there’s so many different platforms.

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