How to get some Easy & Free GPT Referrals

GPT sites in general are a good resource for anyone wanting to make a little extra money online, but to make some serious money you are going to need referrals, the more the better!

When an individual signs up to any participating Make Money Online site using your unique referral code, their activities are tracked and you earn a percentage of whatever they earn – usually around 3 – 5%. Referrals can be up to 5 levels deep on some sites, so this is well worth trying out!

Datsoup and The Refer-o-matic  are very simple to use programmes that allow you to submit your referral codes from sites such as Swagbucks, Cashcrate, Superpoints and various other Make Money Online sites.

If you are new to GPT, head over to Datsoup now and choose a couple of programmes to sign up for (the easiest to get going with is Swagbucks). You will be signed up under a random user and become their referral, then just head over to the site and find your own ID and submit it back to Datsoup and Refer-o-matic to do some recruiting of your own, it really is that simple!

Your referral code will go into the site’s database for around a month on Datsoup, two weeks on Refer-o-Matic, and will be used in turn to sign new users to your chosen sites.

Your referral codes will show up entirely randomly, so you could get 2 referrals to your chosen Make Money Online programmes, or you could get 200!

Both sites are entirely free to use, and there is no limit on the amount of programmes you can submit your ID code from, if a programme that you use isn’t listed, you may email them and request that it be added to the Database.

Once you have found your way around Swagbucks or other GPT sites of your choosing, you can up your recruitment efforts by using Cashblurbs and IBS ( Unfortunate initials, I know! But it actually stands for Instant Blog Subscribers). Both are free to use advertising platforms.



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