How to Increase Your Freelance Income

Congratulations on getting your first freelance projects! You have been working for a while now, you have great reviews and your job history is filling up, so you obviously now want to start making some more money. How? Here are a few things to think about:

You must have realised by now that getting jobs is becoming more and more effortless after every project that you have completed. That is because clients now have proof that you will be able to get the job done in a timely fashion and provide high quality results. So that gives you a certain edge, some possibilities for your future applications. Not all clients are looking for the cheapest option, remember that! They want to get the best freelancer at an affordable price. They are looking for the one who has performed similar tasks in the past and received great reviews; the one who has been praised for their work time and time again. Do you have those? If so, you are now able to apply requesting more money for the job. It will first of all get you noticed amongst all the other applicants – “Why does this freelancer want more money than the rest of them?” They will then review your profile and realize that you do have something to offer that the others can’t, and they will most likely prefer you. Don’t be too greedy, though. Overconfidence will leave you just as unemployed as when you first started.

A great way to know if asking for more money on a specific project will pay off is to take a look at the client’s history. Will they be willing to pay such a price? Have they paid it before? It’s no use spending all that time writing your cover letter and explaining why you’re the best, to someone who is clearly not going to want to pay that much money. Projects are plentiful, choose your battles wisely.

Another path you should consider is multitasking. Can you work on several projects at the same time? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean five or ten projects contemporaneously, but how about two or three? It will not only boost your resume faster, but also give you certain stability. If one of the projects ends, you’ll have the others to work on and thus, never be left with nothing to do and no money to make. And we all know how hard it is (almost impossible, actually) to achieve stability with freelancing…

Multitasking also has another amazing advantage – it increases your productivity. Weird, right? No, think about it. Have you noticed that when you are working on the same thing all day long you get tired faster, you need breaks more often and you actually don’t spend most of the day working, but distracting yourself with other things? Having multiple projects to work on keeps you interested and involved. Work an hour or two on the first one, switch to the other one; then back to the first (or onto the third) and so on. That way your brain doesn’t get bored and you don’t need to stop for breaks as much. Fewer breaks – more cash!

Well, of course, if you want to make more money you should consider learning some new skills. Think about what the majority of the projects require. Which is the most sought after skill these days? If you have it great; if you don’t – think about investing in your future and learning it. Though requiring some time, this will surely help you earn some more money from the projects to come.

There are many ways to increase your freelance income. You just have to spend some time considering them and figuring out which one is the perfect solution for you. You’ll get there, don’t worry!


Rita Rova is a freelance writer for Love My Vouchers. She saves money between projects by making use of their discounts and voucher codes – although the between projects gaps are getting fewer and further between!

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