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Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Make money bloggingA step by step guide for complete beginners

Intro          Find a Niche          Domain & Hosting          Add Content

Get Traffic          Monetize          Onwards & Upwards

Intro – Is this really what you want to do?

Please note that I am not claiming to be an authority on the subject of make money blogging, far from it at times; but I do wish I had this information to hand before I embarked on my own personal journey with this site, without being forearmed with some essential information it quickly became a very steep learning curve, and I was close to quitting on numerous occasions.

How long will it take to make money blogging?

Before reading the following guide please note that this is not a get rich quick scheme and you are not going to start to make money blogging at the beginning. Like any other business start-up, you are going to have to dedicate a lot of hard work and time if you wish to be successful and make money blogging. For a precise overview of your estimated long-term earnings you must be willing to allow at least 3 (possibly 6) months to get established and know for definite if this is for you or not (unless you have the resources to outsource some of the work, then results can be almost instant!). Internet marketing is definitely a marathon, not a sprint!

Having said that, if you are prepared to put the time in there should be no limits to your expectations, if you wish to earn a little extra cash then go for it, if you want a decent income that will support you and your family, go for it. There is no reason not to reach for the stars, and beyond. You are not an elephant! (Read the story that inspired me to keep going here). If you follow this guide carefully, you are unlikely to fail, but we all do occasionally – step back and look at why it went wrong and get straight back to putting it right! As long as you learn something from the experience, and haven’t lost your house, you can always take a positive from the experience. Personally I would rather lose $50 trying something new, than spend my life constantly wondering “what if?” and never getting anywhere.

To make money blogging is easy, you can get one set up and running for free in just a few minutes with sites such as blogger and WordPress. Go ahead and set up one of these sites if you wish to practice and test if internet marketing (selling) is really for you.

However, if you wish to make a decent amount of cash and really make money blogging you will have a few important decisions to make before you get started.

Follow this step by step guide for the complete beginner and you can start your marketing campaign immediately.

I’m ready: Just tell me how to make money blogging!

Following this method is going to cost a few dollars to get set up, because instead of using a free blogging site you are going to set up your own domain name and hosting account. Don’t panic, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. It’s exactly what I have done with this site, I have no technical knowledge and wouldn’t know where to start with coding!

Your site will be taken a lot more seriously if you stand out from the crowd. For example if your web address reads it will just mingle with all the other millions of free blogs out there, but looks professional from the outset.

So if you are completely broke, I suggest you head over to the quick & easy page now and use these methods to get a few bucks in your PayPal account. (Selling some stuff on Ebay or in the classifieds is going to be the quickest).

GOD Google is about to become your best friend (and your worst enemy as you progress throughmake money blogging the methods, but more about that later!), If you get stuck, get googling, if you don’t understand something, get googling! The internet is full of information and people with that information willing to share it. Join as many forums as you can find, join in with the conversations and don’t be afraid to ask for help. One useful tip about forums though, if you have a question, search the threads for an answer before jumping in with it. The regs will not appreciate “newbie” questions that have already been answered a dozen times or more. “How can I make money blogging?” won’t go down well if you haven’t done your homework!


Ready to get started making money?

Ok so if you’re still reading then you are ready to get started on your new adventure into the world of IM (Internet Marketing), time to get excited! Here’s what’s going to happen next:

1.First of all you will need to find a topic (Niche), get help with this here, be prepared to spend some time researching this using keywords and playing around with it until you are happy.

2. Create your domain name and find hosting

3. Add content

4. Get traffic to your site

5. Monetize your site

6. What next? Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour, rinse and repeat, Expand your new business or Flip (sell) it for profit – your choice!


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3 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging

  1. I have really started to monetize on my site through affiliate marketing and a few black hat ways…shhhh dont tell anyone…but if you really want to know drop me a line and I would be more than happy to share with you. What would you say has been the best way to drive traffic to your site??

    • thanks for the comment christopher, nice looking site 🙂 Nothing black hat has worked for me, so it’s the hard way from here on in LOL
      My traffic mainly comes from forum sigs, blog comments, guest posts and networking on Pinterest, facebook and twitter – with an occassional Bing search thrown in!

  2. Making money through blogging is definitely the big thing at the moment and you’ve provided a great overview here.

    I think too many people skip over the first step, you need to define your niche and decide on the direction that you want your blog to take.

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