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I built a blog, and then……NOTHING HAPPENED!

I built a blog, and then……NOTHING HAPPENED!


Does this sound familiar? Did you read that blogging was an easy way to make money; jumped in and realised it wasn’t quite as easy as that?

Why isn’t anyone coming to my site? It’s been a month already and I’m not even anywhere near rich!

Blogging may well be one of the simplest ways to make money online, but it’s definitely NOT the easiest..

The formula for a successful blog is really very simple, and nothing new to the world of making money online, or in the real world: Build relationships, grow your network, see how many people you can help, increase your income……repeat, but make it bigger…

So, why isn’t your blog making any money?

Answer some of these questions with me (be honest!) and perhaps thing may become a little clearer, it worked for me and hopefully those in the same boat will learn from my experience!

Are you Actually Blogging?

May seem like a silly question to a blogger, but really – are you blogging or are you reading about blogging, learning about blogging, posting about blogging….

I am guilty of all of the above!

If I have a speciality it’s surely Procrastinating – I just found my new Niche!- Shiny Object Syndrome (S.O.S support!) Now that I could concentrate on….just so long as there isn’t too much shiny stuff…

Sometimes we are all guilty of spending our time on things that keeps us busy, but don’t actually make us any money

Many new bloggers, like me, simply get stuck in the learning stage and never really get out. Once you’ve learnt what you should be doing, go do it! You’re never going to make any money by reading topics on how to make money! Yes, you should strive to always be the student, and never assume you are the master but once the basics are done, level out the learning curve and progress as you carry on. You should be writing great, engaging content, publishing it, and then promoting it any which way you can. While you are trying to learn more and more on how to become a successful (rich) pro blogger you are actually neglecting your blog. Hmmm

Are you spending too much time on layout and design?

Yup – I’m guilty of this too!

Faffing around with layouts, themes, colours and design. Learning web design is only necessary if you actually want to become a web designer – that’s what wordpress is for! Choose a simple theme and leave it alone..

Too involved in how others are making money?

That’s me!

Junk emails, Warrior Forum, Blogs, Facebook…

Who really cares what others are doing? You can be sure the successful marketers, bloggers, netpreneurs, infopreneurs, Guru’s or whatever else they are known as these days are far too busy raking it in to be in any way concerned about what you are doing! Of course it is nice to have a mentor but how many do you need? Choose a few successful bloggers to follow and ditch the rest.

Spending too long promoting with nothing to promote?

Go ahead – add me to this one too!

In all my learning (see above) I learnt that blog commenting, back linking and social bookmarking was essential to your SEO and traffic generation efforts, which it is…But what’s the point in that if you haven’t actually written anything new in over a week! The correct order is to post amazing content on your blog first, create links to it, share it, and talk about it, do it quickly and move on to even more engaging articles. Posting content on a regular basis and following up with promotion is ultimately the best way to build website traffic, and it’s only by building steady traffic that you will eventually make any money from your blog.

Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you – they don’t know you (yet!). They seek what you know. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start – at “the search.”

Your blog isn’t making money so you put even more ads on it

No one clicked on your little AdSense block, so you added a couple of banners, your visitors (all 3 of them) didn’t notice, so you made them bigger and flashing..

No one seemed interested in the baby books on your parenting blog, so you popped a few Make Money Online themed Clickbank offers on just to make sure…

This one is all too familiar with me also! Again, go back to the content, the traffic will follow, then, and only then will they respond to your (targeted) advertising! The best way to attract clicks on your ads is to pop contextual affiliate links into your fantabulous content! You must of course make sure the product you are promoting is relevant to your content subject and even better if your product solves the problem that bought the visitor to your site in the first place.

Don’t answer all the questions on your blog, leave the reader needing to click the link to find out more.

Although, there is also the train of thought of making your blog as gaudy and unpleasant on the eye as possible so that the visitors will click anything just to get away…but we won’t go there!

Building great blogs and making money online is not that hard. BUT you have to actually take action to make money…that is the biggest hurdle!

Too Personal?

This may sound a little contradictory, and yes your blog should have a personal touch, you want your readers to engage, get to know and trust you..

But seriously, they DO NOT want to know what you are eating (unless you’ve discovered a carb only diet that makes you lose weight by eating donuts and pizza!), what your kids are doing (unless you are super nanny, or they are really really naughty – then it’s hiarious, make sure there’s pics of your iphone in the toilet or the tantrums in the supermarket though!) or see the cute pic of your cat asleep on the couch.

Yes speak in a casual tone – NO to your regional dialect, slang terms and poor grammar/spelling (now I have to run the spell checker twice for errors! LOL)


Are you truly passionate about your subject?

This one I can actually say YES to 🙂

Although I’m not rich, and cannot (yet) claim to be an expert on how to make money online, I can write about it endlessly, I enjoy the research and I am passionate about people who can ill afford it getting scammed or spending money on unnecessarily “tools”, products and courses.

I’ve been told I shouldn’t be teaching people how to make money online if I haven’t done it myself, I have to disagree with this one! I’m not claiming to “teach” anything, I’m simply sharing my experiences, if that gives anyone a little food for thought along the way and I can help someone out then there’s the bonus!

And then there’s the old adage…Those that can, do…those that can’t…TEACH! No No No – not going there either! I actually don’t agree with that at all, honestly!

Sure you can outsource the writing and automate your blog, but readers will see through this immediately, the only way to engage the reader is to believe in what you are writing about, you can only do that if you enjoy what you are doing!

Become an “information entrepreneur.” An “infopreneur.” Basically… monetize what you know.

It’s so simple. Not “easy” (real business takes some work)… it’s simple. No technical barriers to stop you. Provide in-demand information – Content – about something you know well. From that point on, everything else flows…

Promoting in the right place?

Yep – did this too!

I was busy spamming my friends who were either new (exhausted) mums or business women – neither of them in the slightest bit interested in making money online!

It’s a bit like having a blog dedicated to Twilight and promoting it on a Bare Knuckled Fight Club page, sparkly Edward isn’t really going to cut it, even if he could take them out in 2 seconds flat! But you get yourself a new pic of Kristen Stewart with R Patz, post it on a Twilight fan page and watch that thing go EPIC!

While it’s true that you can’t sell salt to slugs – it’s equally important to remember that the Irish won’t buy your spuds, they already got their own!

Look out for my next great, amazing, fantastic post on where to find fresh, new, engaging and most importantly FREE content for your fabulous new Blog!

face palm


Some of the above content was curated from the wonderful Mitz’s Blog Letsbuildwebsites.com

And a little stolen curated from SBI

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  1. As I have commented before…we so much think alike. I am a new blogger and I share my journey just like you! Tho, I have things to be tweaked still. 💡 Bookmarked!

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