Inbox Pounds

inbox pounds review

Inbox Dollars has expanded to the UK and is now available as Inbox Pounds.

Signing up is easy and 100% free. Once registered you even get £1 credited to your account instantly simply by verifying your email address.

As Inbox Pounds pay you to receive emails, it’s a good idea to create a hotmail or gmail account specifically for this purpose, active members can expect around 3 paid emails per day – this does not apply to members from outside the UK as most of the paid emails are geo targeted.

Most of the paid email that Inbox Pounds sends you will include an opportunity to earn additional money by agreeing to sign up for an offer for a product or service that is being advertised. However, you will still earn cash for confirming the email whether or not you take advantage of the offer being advertised.

If you do not wish to receive paid emails you can simply opt out, you will still be paid for taking survey’s, playing games, completing special offers, referring friends, viewing video’s, and doing simple micro tasks.

You can request payment (by cheque only) once your account reaches a balance of £20.00.

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inbox pounds review

2 thoughts on “Inbox Pounds

  1. INBOXPOUNDS this is a total rip off they take your answers on a survey and then after doing the survey for 90 – 100 percent they decide you do not qualify. I have spent hours doing surveys for them to say i do not qualify, how can they say that when i have completed the survey or almost completed it RIP OFF! When you tell them they say they cannot be responsible for the individual companies so I have cancelled my account as they have ripped me off too many times.

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