Is It Easy To Make Money Blogging?


No! No it isn’t – It’s lies I tell you, all lies!!

make moneyAnyone telling you it is easy to make money from your blog has either been slogging away for years, or is just trying to sell you something. If you know anyone who has made money bogging right off the mark, do let me know, I’d love a chat with them!

Setting up a blog is simple, so simple even I can do it:

  •          Find hosting
  •          Buy a domain
  •          Install WordPress
  •          Write some posts..
  •          Add some advertising
  •          Make squillions on auto pilot
  •          Job Done!

 You may even notice that a lot of the “make money online” sites are even offering to do this for you all for free, as long as you buy your own domain name and set up hosting through their affiliate link (usually hostgator)..

This is not because they are helpful little angels, it’s because they will make around $60 in commission from your sign up, and installing WordPress and a couple of handy plugins will take approx. half an hour.

To be fair, some of the more reputable marketers are offering support for if you get stuck after set up.

 So that’s it, blogging is simple. Blogging to make money, however, is a whole new ball game…

 Simple, on this occasion should not be confused with easy!

 Rubik’s cube is simple – make all the sides the same colour. How many of you found it easy?

Football (soccer) – one of the simplest sports to play (if we forget the offside rule!). How many make it as a pro?

This list could go on forever, but you get the jist.

 The make money online, seo or traffic generation niches are probably some the most difficult topics to try to monetize.  For people to click your ads (without removing the affiliate links), they need to really believe what you are selling, you gotta walk the walk as well as you can talk the talk. Either that or “fake it before you make it”.

 Even as a respected and trusted online money maker, always remember you are only ever as good as your last recommendation – never try to sell crap!

I’ve accepted that this site is going to take at least two years (probably more like five) to develop to a stage where people will want to buy from my recommendations and believe in what I have to say.

I stick with it only because of what I’m learning along the way (what I should have done before starting). Because of this blog I have learnt how hard a successful blog is to develop, for instance:

  •          Backlinks – Dofollow, nofollow, top commenter, anchor text, etc.
  •          SEO – Over optimising, under optimising, key word density, on page, off page, social signals,etc.
  •          Traffic – Social Networking, Google rankings, guest posting, advertising, etc.
  •          When things go wrong – Hackers, the white screen of death, malware, site backup, etc.
  •          Monetizing – Call to action, list building, affiliate marketing, PPC, CPA, banners, contextual links, etc.
  •          Design – Themes, logos, headers, colours, etc.
  •          Content – Coming up with fresh ideas to keep your blog updated at least twice a week.confused

Are you ready to face all that?

 Blogging just for the love of it, and wanting to share your knowledge and expertise is a great idea. In reality most bloggers really just want to make money from their blogs, and why shouldn’t they want to reap the rewards of their efforts?

 I’m not trying to discourage anyone from trying to make money online from blogging, in the times between pulling your hair out and the sleepless nights it’s great fun! You meet some really great people, and that first commission sure is sweet!

I fully expect to be making money from my blogs (not this one) within a year and even after all the trials and tribulations my dream is still alive. Many are not.

 Please do your homework before getting into this, especially if you think it’s the easy option, and be prepared for the hard work to come:


  •          Know your niche, and what your followers want (can be different to what you think they need).
  •          Do thorough keyword research, check out the competition.
  •          Have plenty of article ideas in advance.
  •          Get to know WordPress and read the tutorials so you don’t waste days trying to fix little problems.
  •          Have a plan to get visitors if Google doesn’t favour you, and always remember you can get dropped at any moment, even if you are ranking number 1.
  •          Be on your guard and ready for anything!
  •          Enjoy 🙂

Have you tried to make money blogging in the past, would you recommend it as a source of internet income to newcomers?

Are you thinking of starting a blog in the hopes of making money online?

Have you already started your blog? How’s that going for you?

Perhaps you are living the dream from your monthly online earnings – tell me all about it, I’m sure we could all do with some inspiration after this rather depressing, over optimised, keyword stuffed, unliked, deindexed article!!

I give up…

P.S Just kidding, it’s really super easy to make money blogging – simply sign up to Bluehost and I’ll even install WordPress for you. You’ll be making $2000* weekly** with this super-duper easy online money making method.

*At least that much..

**This is an assumption, not a guarantee

TLDNR (too long – did not read) Summary:

Blogging to make money is really really hard.

make money blogging


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