LiveWorld Social Media Management and Moderation

liveworldIf you liked the idea of becoming a Social Media Manager but just don’t have the confidence to set up your own home business just yet, then this work at home opportunity may just be the one for you.

Large corporations and big companies spend a lot of time, money and resources on building their brand. Then they spend even more money and time on protecting that brand.

This is where businesses such as Liveworld step in to help. With the aid of technology and human eyes, they work for companies to ensure the reputation of their brand is never compromised or tarnished. With the ever-growing popularity of social networks such as Facebook, this task is monumental yet crucial in the battle to protect status. Brands are now able to engage with their customers directly. Interact, research and communicate directly with the consumers who actually use their products and services.

Companies hire Liveworld not only to keep tabs on their brand in the social networks, but also to give feedback on the overall opinions expressed regarding their reputation and products.

Liveworld hire remote moderators to facilitate these requests, and that’s where you come in!

What does a Liveworld Moderator do?

A Liveworld moderator will have lots of varied tasks, including; Checking Facebook walls and comments, taking action where necessary (deleting comments, etc), escalating positive responses,  responding to comments with pre-determined responses, completing shift reports at the end of each session to include any problems experienced, the number of posts read and actions taken on them.

You will work from home, but be expected to participate in live training sessions.

Qualifications needed to be a Liveworld Moderator:

There are no formal qualifications required to apply to Liveworld, however, all applicants:

  •  Must be 18 or over
  •  Must be a competent typist and computer user
  • Must be familiar with social media
  • Previous moderation experiences a plus, but not required
  • Must have High-speed Internet access
  • Must be fluent in English reading, writing and speech – however, a second language is a definite advantage for applicants.

The application form is quite detailed, so prepare yourself fully and take some time to complete the form carefully and thoroughly. More details on the application process here.

When filling out the Liveworld application form, take note that there are separate application forms for US and non US citizens, make sure you are filling out the correct one!

The pay at Liveworld:

Payment details are very sketchy, so I guess you need to be accepted onto the programme before that is discussed with you. As this is a work at home opportunity, do not expect the pay to be much more than $10 per hour.







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