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When Lisa asked me to do a guest blog for her fantastic site,  I had to take a lot of time to
research a topic that really doesn’t have much to do with what I usually blog about. My blog,
http://www.assistingauthors.com  is full of advice to authors, usually self-published on promoting
their books and author brands.   Self-published authors have to work very hard to promote their
books because there is a lot of competition.  I wanted to find something that would help you, Lisa’s
readers, as well as my readers.  After all,  authors need to make money to afford all the expenses
involved with publishing and promoting book,s and I assume you are interested  in making money as well.

I found the perfect solution with a new way to make money called LoyaltePays.
The basic idea is to share eBooks, videos, and images and get paid just for sharing.  You don’t even have to have your own product, because they provide a library where you can find the items to share.  You also can submit your own products and earn money when other members share your product.

There are two plans.  You can join for free or you can pay a monthly fee and become a premium member.  I chose to become a premium member.  I decided to begin by giving away an e-book I found in the social media section of the LoyaltePays  library, Pinterest for Business.  I branded it with a link that they gave me when I joined.   I am giving it away on my blog and Facebook, http://www.faceblook.com/jfriesler, to people who sign up for my website or opt in to my Facebook form on my Welcome Page.
In addition, I am giving away a weekly  video course about Pinterest.  I will get paid for giving away these items, but if my readers share them, they will get paid if they join LoyaltePays.  Here is a video that explains how it works:


Watch this video and then click here to join,  http://www.loyaltepays.com/JanisFriesler  It is free!


Author assistantThis guest post was bought to you by Janis Friesler, who runs Assisting Authors – a website designed to help authors establish, publish and promote their work.

2 thoughts on “Loyalte Pays

  1. Thanks for this Janis, I love this idea – I’m al signed up, really quick and painless…

    I didn’t take up the offer of $37 a month for the premium, I wanted more info first – Is it really a one time offer, or will I get an email in a couple of days with a second chance?

    • Hi Lisa.
      I am not sure if it is a one time offer or not . I found that there is more available if you join premium. I think they hiked the price since I joined, but I don’t really remember. I would like them to show me the money!
      I just started to use it, so we will see.


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