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Make Money Online – Reality Bites!

As some of you already know, this blog is beginning to take on a life of its own, and travelling in a whole new direction from the original intent (free methods to make money online).

While I shall still be reviewing the best free ways to make money online, I am also going to be introducing the actual realities of working from home. Including the good, bad and ugly; the successes, failures, blood, sweat and tears involved in making money online.

make money online realityAfter months of searching for ways to make money online, I’ve finally found my niche! I’ve also met some great like-minded people and am hoping to get their stories up to inspire, motivate, prepare and warn you before you embark or continue along your own journey to make money online.

This week alone my whole mindset towards making money has changed, I am no longer trying to make money online! Why? Because I know and finally really believe that it is going to happen, if I fall flat on my face this time, then so be it – I will get up and do it again, better and bigger. Now that I believe it will happen, I know it will so my thinking has changed completely from “how can I make money online” to “let’s do this!”. I no longer care how to get people to click the ads or buy my recommended products, I know they will if I just get on with making my sites as fabulous and engaging as they can be!

My good friend Anton over at MOC believes he has created a monster, and I believe he may just be correct! I will be forever in his debt for his kind words, encouragement (kick up the backside), confidence, self belief, spookily correct insights and never-ending depth of knowledge.

It wouldn’t be fair to ask anyone else to bare their souls and share their stories if I didn’t do it myself first, so here it is – Show Me Some Money, stripped bare (metaphorically!):

How I’ve tried (and failed!) To Make Money Online:making money fail

  • PTC: I know some people swear by this as one of the best ways to make money online, but referrals aren’t one of my strong points, I spent 3 days clicking away, earned $0.27, lost interest and gave up!
  • GPT: Again, some people do really well and make a decent amount of money on sites such as Swagbucks and Cashcrate, referrals are the key to making money with these sites and I just didn’t get any.
  • Online Poker: This one I loved! Until Battlefield went bust and took my $2,000 with them! These days a slow internet connection means I can’t commit to long tournaments. I do still enjoy the occasional STT though. Poker is an entertaining way to make money online, but remember those losing streaks can last for a long time and for those just starting out, it’s not a recommended stable source of income.
  • Ebay Store: Ebay Ireland really isn’t great, and the cost of sending items to the UK outweighs any value in the product. Plus fussy buyers just annoyed me!
  • Surveys: Meh, did I mention I had a short concentration span? Getting halfway through a survey only to be told you do not fulfill the requirements…Grrrr. Make money online taking surveys was just not for me!
  • Competitions: I do enjoy my comps! I used to do this full-time and have a fab list of prizes, of course nothing is guaranteed and winning large cash amount or stuff you can sell to make a decent income is rare.
  • Stock Photos: What can I say? I really imagined that this was the one I was going to make my fortune with! I thought I was great with my new Canon; Shutterstock, Istock, Fotolia & co obviously thought otherwise! Make money online with photography? Make sure you’re not the only one that thinks your photos are works of art!

How I (intend to) Make Money Online:

  • I run this blog, that I should have given up on before it even started! Monetized with Adsense, some referral programmes and Clickbank products.
  • I own The Baby Checklist  – A website devoted to new baby essentials, monetized with Affiliate Window programmes and Amazon products.
  • I own The Really Cool Stuff – A gadget review site monetized with Amazon and Affiliate Window programmes.
  • I own two more sites that have not yet been developed.
  • I earn a few pennies from Postloop.
  • I am an SFI Affiliate.
  • When I need quick cash I sell something on Ebay.

What I Should be doing to Make Money Online

  • Check daily tasks – Get the first three done ASAP
  • Check daily goals – exceed them
  • Everything else on the Success Tips page

What I was Actually Doing

  • Check emails – marking a few to go back to latermake money online wahm
  • Get baby her breakfast
  • Come back and find son on Facebook
  • Log on to MOC for a chat
  • Check site stats
  • Look for new ways to make money online, get side tracked on Facebook
  • Get baby lunch
  • Come back and find daughter on Facebook
  • Play with baby
  • Wipe finger prints off the laptop
  • Check site stats
  • Get annoyed for not getting any work done and walk awaywork at home reality
  • Come back to find son and daughter fighting over laptop
  • Wrestle laptop back and forget why I wanted it…
  • The day goes downhill….

The point is I always knew what I needed to do to make money online, without actually putting plans into practise. Today dawns the new era!

What will change

  • From today I have a new daily diary of jobs to-do, that will get done
  • From today I don’t feel the need to check what everyone else is doing to make money online
  • From today I belive in what I am doing
  • I will make money online through growing trust and belief.
  • I will help others make money online when they begin to trust and believe in me.

From belief grows trust, when people trust you and believe in you, they will trust and believe in what you recommend and your products. Then and only then will you begin to reap the rewards of your labour.

You may not trust or believe in me yet, but I do – and that’s all that matters for now 🙂

I will make money online, I will tell you how I do it – every step of the way, and I promise to help you when I succeed, and warn you when I fail.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed ~ Napoleon Hill

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Do you make money online? Do you run a successful Home Business? Have you tried and failed to make money online? Are you struggling to juggle family life with a growing Home Business? Is your online business a roaring success? How long did it take you to achieve your dreams? Tell us!

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